The 2013 Formula1 Predictions

Its 2013 and Formula1’s new season will unveil this weekend, the contest between teams and drivers will fierce. Winter testing was interesting, all the top teams and drivers topped the charts in one or the other sessions, except Sebastian Vettel, but I am not surprised that he didn’t top the charts, he always keeps the extra seconds in his pockets and only uses it in qualifying.

Formula1 Drivers of 2013

Driver’s Championship Prediction

Driver’s Champion Prediction : The list has been divided based on the team, potential and previous record.

Favorite Class: Few people would flinch as soon as they see Kimi at the top, but if he has a car similar or better than the previous year, be sure he would be impossible to stop. The list also has the regulars, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

Potential Class: Guys in this Class have potential to claim the Driver’s Championship, I would like to see Mark Webber (might be his last season), Nico Rosberg, Nico Hulkenberg or Felipe Massa to win the championship this year, these guys have been the no.2  guys in their teams for a long time and would like to be termed them as No.1 this year. Why McLaren guy Button in this class, not confident that he can keep up the momentum needed for the favorite class.

voodoo Class: These are bunch of guys can pull in some surprise results in one or two races, but win the Driver’s Championship they have to do only one thing use voodoo against other drivers to win!!

Dream Class: As the name goes they can just dream, reality is always a mile away.

Constructor Title predictions

1. Ferrari

2. RedBull

3. Mercedes

4. Lotus

5. McLaren (I predict them to be lot slower when compared to the top 4)

The order for 6,7,8 is difficult these three teams are very very close to each other and expect a fierce battle for this 3 spots.

6. Sauber (They might pull in a bit of surprise this year)

7. Force India (They have improved in last few years, and expect them to continue that this year as well; Sutil is still a puzzle, hope keeps up with the trust)

8. Williams

9. Torro Rosso

10. Marussia

11. Caterham

My predictions for 2013 are:

1. Who will win the Driver’s Championship?

– Fernando Alonso, the Ferrari’s pace was very impressive this year. Sebastian Vettel, he has a very good team to support him and would like to see Ferrari and Alonso kicked on the A**.

2. Which team will take the Constructors’ title?

– Ferrari are my favorites this year, Felipe Massa is determined to  contribute more this year, I would put all my money on Ferrari. (I also wish to hear “Alonso, Massa is faster than you, do you understand”).

3. Best Independent Team among  Lotus, Force India, Sauber, Williams, Torro Rosso. (Can include Red Bull, but they are the champions and let them fight it out with top boys)

– Lotus, definitely because of Kimi Raikkonen and hope Romain Grosjean doesn’t continue his habit of crash gating others vehicle.

4. Who will be the rookie of the season?

– Esteban Guiterrez or Valtteri Bottas, both are good drivers and everything depends on how they handle pressure. Here I would pick Valtteri Bottas.

5. Biggest success story of 2013?

– Felipe Massa being termed as the No.1 in Ferrari.

6. How long before Grosjean takes out another driver?

– It might happen any time. Please Lotus give him the fastest car and let him get pole position for each and every race.

7. Most exciting race of the season?

– The Canada GP or The Brazil GP, the race in rain is always very exciting.


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