First it was Germany & Japan, Later Russia and now North Korea!

Today I watched hollywood movie “Olympus Has Fallen” and it is a one time watch, it had the same “Die Hard” formula, A Terrorist (what Americans think them as) unit attacks a prominent US establishment (This time its White House and takes the president of USA and top defence honchos as hostage) and all other security personnel are dead except the hero and how he saves the president from these so-called terrorist. Fish I forgot and how in a last few seconds he saves america from Nuclear annihilation. It’s the same old formula to feed people with Government Policies on the so-called enemy state.

Over the years Hollywood has used the countries (especially communist countries) as villains in its movies, during world war it was Germany and Japan. Later during cold war villain was Russia and post 9/11 it was Iraq and Afghanistan’s turn and in recent years the new villain has emerged in the form of North Korea.

USA is the Net Improter and wouldn't dare to challenge China

USA is the Net importer and wouldn’t dare to challenge China

One might wonder why not China, it’s a much powerful communist country than North Korea. It’s very easy to put two and two together, Trade and Commerce. For Hollywood, China is a very big market with only a few movies released in the country, China has the complete control over this and all the big production houses are waging their tales to what’s in offer in China. Next, the economic ties with China is very strong, or should we say, America is dependent on China to survive, let it be gadgets or underwear most of them come from the manufacturing units of China. So depicting China as the enemy is out of bound for Hollywood.

Why only North Korea, It’s a little dictatorship which has no option but to be the villain for Hollywood. North Korea is always barking at Western countries and is always in the newspapers with weird and provocative agendas and propoganda. Let it be in the form of Nuclear Weapons, or selling to rogue nations, trafficking, etc, it’s always in newspapers, and Hollywood wouldn’t mind to pick such a nasty natured villain to portray in its movies.

But, why is America and Americans are always the heroes, is it because it’s the big brother of the world, why couldn’t the other party be given an opportunity to speak for itself? Doesn’t it hold more nuclear weapons in its arsenal? Wasn’t America the only country in the world to use an atomic Bomb, rather two on Japan? Isn’t America hypocritical in handling Pakistan, a notorious breeding ground and supplier of terrorist to the world? Wasn’t it Pakistan and its scientists who transferred the Nuclear know how to North Korea? Wasn’t America who fed and trained the Taliban, Al quida and Osama Bin Laden?


Paan Singh Tomar wins National Award, But Burfi! sent for Oscars




A few days ago I had written a post explaining “Why Indian movie won’t win an Oscar“, now a few days later its proved that my assessment is correct.

India’s official submission for The Oscar was Barfi!, a movie which has lots of scences lifted from legendary international movies. But the movies which actually deserved this honour were Paan Singh Tomar and Kahaani. Both these movies had great performances by its lead actors and well supported by others. Directors and writers had done an excellent work on them, although both movies were of different genre, but they had right ingredients of a great movie.

A deserving movie lost out to copy-cat Barfi!

A deserving movie lost out to copy-cat Barfi!


Its such a pity that we keep our best movies in the box and send a goofy movie to The Oscars.

Yo Selection Committee do your homework right! Otherwise………..

Indian Party renamed as Indo-Italian National Congress!

New Delhi Mar.14 : One of India’s political party Indian National Cons have decided to rename their party, to Indo-Italian National Congress and they have chosen an Election Symbol which looks like a foot.

Indian National Congress

Our correspondent Jootha Singham spoke to the party leader,  Salman Besharam Kurshiwala earlier today and this is what he had to say

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Is Italy an Enemy State of India

“Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time it’s enemy action” – A quote from Ian Fleming’s James Bond Novel Goldfinger.


“Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a habit”


‘Once is nothing, twice is coincidence, three times is a moral certainty”

These three quotes has different words, but all mean the same whether judging a person, group or a country. Any mistake which is committed first is accident, if same mistake is repeated its coincidence, if same mistake happens for third time its deliberate. Its the same situation that India is facing while judging the actions of the Italian Government in the recent past.

Italian Government has snubbed Indian Government on 3 occasions and all the three are very outrageous incidents

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The 2013 Formula1 Predictions

Its 2013 and Formula1’s new season will unveil this weekend, the contest between teams and drivers will fierce. Winter testing was interesting, all the top teams and drivers topped the charts in one or the other sessions, except Sebastian Vettel, but I am not surprised that he didn’t top the charts, he always keeps the extra seconds in his pockets and only uses it in qualifying.

Formula1 Drivers of 2013

Driver’s Championship Prediction

Driver’s Champion Prediction : The list has been divided based on the team, potential and previous record.

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