Is Italy an Enemy State of India

“Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time it’s enemy action” – A quote from Ian Fleming’s James Bond Novel Goldfinger.


“Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a habit”


‘Once is nothing, twice is coincidence, three times is a moral certainty”

These three quotes has different words, but all mean the same whether judging a person, group or a country. Any mistake which is committed first is accident, if same mistake is repeated its coincidence, if same mistake happens for third time its deliberate. Its the same situation that India is facing while judging the actions of the Italian Government in the recent past.

Italian Government has snubbed Indian Government on 3 occasions and all the three are very outrageous incidents

1. First in the block is The Curious Case of Octtavio Quattrocchi : He is the “main suspect” in the Bofors scam/Scandal (yeah, still after 25 years he is still a suspect as is a Gandhi and others). During the NDA Government between 1999 and 2004, CBI and others struggled and found all the required evidence and submitted charge sheet and froze Mr. Q and Mrs. Q’s accounts. But as soon as UPA came to power first thing they did is to Unfreeze those accounts and weaken the case.

Secondly, UPA is known for fine-tuning CBI to dance to it tunes and CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation AKA Central Bureau of Idiocy) fumbles in presenting its case in the International Court, its not the first instance it has failed to do so. With CBI working once in a Decade, this case has alread y in its third decade and if all the suspects are dead and CBI would advise Supreme Court to close this case and states “All the Suspects are dead and we have other cases to take care of, which we haven’t touched since we took up this case, so please close this case”, (CBI does this act in majority of the cases) and case closed, and Justice Held High (down the drain).

Mr. Q is an Italian and a close friend of the Gandhi Family, its obvious when you have an Italian Bahu, Edvige Antonia Albina Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are the “Chaddi” Buddies of Mr. Q’s son Massimo Quattrocchi, who has offices in India, and might have been a broker in the Tatra Truck Scam and AgustaWestland Chopper Scam. But the basis of these allegations still isn’t known.

2. Italian Court and Iterpol refuse help in Chopper Scam: Italian court hearing the AgustaWestland deal for almost a year and has made considerable progress in the case. Its refusal to cooperate with CBI was premised on the fact that no formal complaint had been lodged against any person by the Indian agency. Even Interpol refused on same basis. Charge-sheet filed in Italy names cousins of SP Tyagi as the main people who helped in sealing the deal.

It is believed that some big political names are involved in scandal. Reports have suggested that in the charge-sheet filed in an Italian court, there are strong allusions to an ‘Indian family’.

People in Twitter are very open to discuss about the “Indian Family”, many suggest it might be the “Gandhi Family”. But the basis of these allegations still isn’t known.

3. The Italian Marine Snub: Italy is hell bent to make mockery of Indian Government or it might be getting favors from the chairperson of Italian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi, as they snubbed  the CBI and team in the Chopper Scam.

When these two marines were arrested for murder, the Italian Government and embassy pressurized the Indian Government in signing “The Indo_Italian Prisoners Treaty” which would enable an Italian citizen who has committed a crime in India to be serve his sentence in Italian Jail. But, will this Act be so generous towards an Indian suspect in similar case.
Here is how the UPA Government worked quickly and helped the Italian Marines, but if it has to help Indian Citizens it becomes lazy and lost.
{On 14 December 2012, the Italian foreign ministry summoned the Indian Ambassador to express the Italian Government’s “strong disappointment and profound bitterness” that the Indian Supreme Court has reserved its verdict on the question of court jurisdiction which it heard on 4 September. According to the official spokesperson in the Indian ministry of external affairs, the Indian envoy Debabrata Saha “explained to them that this is a matter which is in the province of our judiciary and we will have to wait for an outcome of judicial action on that”.

Italy has threatened a diplomatic offensive in order to obtain the release of the Marines.Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi and Deputy Foreign Minister Staffan De Mistura have mentioned that legal and political-diplomatic initiatives will be initiated at the international level. Italian media reports claim that Italy will escalate pressure by taking India to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to settle the dispute if a solution is not found by mid-January 2013.}

An article on Firstpost claims, “Perhaps because the UPA government did not want to be seen to be striking deals with the Italian government – which is something of a soft spot given UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origins – the Indian foreign policy establishment pushed back at that time.”

But UPA Government is still discussing matters internally and have objected very strongly to the Italian Government and Embassy. UPA’s record in foreign diplomacy has huge holes, these guys are “MouthMotors”, without any record of “BigBites”.

With an Italian at the helm of Indian Politics and a PM in the form of Silent Singh and UnDabangg Salman as foreign minister, tough action against these Italian Thugs could be distant dream.


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