Dear Zimbabweans! you are F**ked for life!

I just read an interesting news article on important decision made by one and only Robert Mugabe. Yeah! that half dead (92 years) president of Zimbabwe, wait isn’t he a Dictator.

This what he says about his rule in Zimbabwe “In a democratic party, your don’t want leaders appointed that way to lead the part. They have to be appointed properly by the people, at a gathering of the people, at a congress.”

Wait did he say congress, did he mean Indian National Congress which is run by the “G-family”, the leaders of which are elected on the basis of family name. Oh wait! he must have meant the same, because his wife is raising quickly within the ranks of the party that he leads ZANU-PF. And he proves that he is not behind her raise within the party, but everyone would know he is beside her for such a quick raise.



“I am happy because I am about to reach the age I want. You know the age I want to reach – 100 years. So only eight years remain,” Mugabe said. What he really meant was I have ruled for 36 years, let me rule for 8 more years to be 44 years. Later he will tell people why do you let me go let me complete another 6 years, let it be 50 years, a great number for fucking up a country and people of the country.

Zimbabweans follow his health with keen interest and some fear the government could be paralyzed and the country riven by instability if he dies without resolving the succession issue. Fellow Zimbabweans it would be great if this leech is dead, atleast you would have some hope and rebuild your country much quickly.

But looking at the way Zimbabwea is run, Zimbabweans are f**ked for life, might also be f**ked beyond grave!