Today its proved YU (are un)Fit, Amazon

Indian E-Commerce has seen tremendous growth in past 2 years, benefiting all the stakeholders, customers, industry, investors, etc. Off late the concept of flash sale has created such a frenzy that people are forced to buy a particular product, at particular time, from a particular e-commerce website.

Today, 29th July was one such day, today is the day when global e-commerce player Amazon proved, its unfit to handle huge demand from customers.

Sales of YuFit – an activity tracker; competitor to MiBand failed miserably due to technical glitches in Amazon’s website.

Technical problem or not, customer care wasn’t able to convey the message of duration of this outage, they were doling out common response across the platform:
” There is some technical issues as of now. Our technical team is working on it. And the sale has been extended till 4PM.
So i request you to try placing the order after 30 minutes.”

This is the reply from Amazon after 6:30, on my Facebook asking me to join the race again on 31st:

” Hey! We have an exclusive sale on July 31st, 2015 at 2 P.M. for the customers who were able to add the product to the cart but weren’t able to check out.

– Grace”

Thanks Grace and all customer care associates for putting up such clueless replies to queries from customers.

Amazon you really made my day, you wasted my 1 hour trying to buy a product from your website.

Check out @Raowords‘s Tweet:

“@amazon @YUplaygod @Micromax_Mobile #yufit today is the day its proved YU (are un)Fit, Amazon”


Dumbass owns a smartphone – Experience 1

Dumbass 1: Hello, Excuse me
I turn around to see Dumbass 1 driving a luxury car and flashing his brand new Apple iPhone 6 plus.
Me: Yes!
Dumbass 1: Can you direct me to xyz hotel.
Me: Oh, yes!(I hesitate a bit, I didn’t hear the word “Please” anywhere in his sentence)
Dumbass 1: how should I go (Still “Please” was missing, I was thinking to mock the hell out of this guy)
Me: Oh! you have got iPhone 6 Plus?
Dumbass 1: Yes, I bought it yesterday, it cost me a bomb.
Me: Amazing! What other features does it have? (now cost is also a feature, if its expensive its has niche features, if its low-cost it’s all basic features)
Dumbass 1: (Really excited, or thinking that he got a chance to boast about his knowledge of this amazing device) It has 6 inch display,4G, 8MP camera, 64GB Rom, GPS, bluetooth, NFC, blah…blah….. for few minutes.
Me: Wow! It has 4G! and it works amazing with abc network
Dumbass 1: Yes, I have even got 4G activated from abc network and it works like a breeze, when others struggle with download speed, this beauty does it in a flash.
Me: Hmm (looking quite impressed) so why can’t you use that brick to tell you directions?
Dumbass 1: what? brick? (with a surprised look)
Me: yeah! It’s a brick if you don’t know how to use it. It has GPS, 4G, etc.. but
Dumbass 1: but.. what?
Me: But, it’s not smartphones fault, it’s a great smart phone but its bought by a Dumbass!
Dumbass 1 is greatly humiliated by my words and people walking by and on the street side are laughing at his humiliation, I walk away with an evil smile.

Guide to Copyright free images

Many a times we try to search for pics from the internet which are relevant to our needs, it might be for a blog post, business requirement, etc. Almost every time we wonder whether the image is subject to copyrights (usage rights) and whether we could use it for non-commercial or commercial purpose.

Google Images has an advanced search option which enables people to search for copyright free images, please follow the 3 steps given below to use this option:

1. Google Images search via “Advanced Search”:

  • Log into
  • Scroll over to  “Settings” Serachsettings option on right hand side of the page
  • Click on “Advanced Search”
advanced search settings

advanced search settings

Continue reading a unique search engine

Search engine world is filled with Google, Bing, Facebook search, etc. In this highly competitive world, entry for a new search engine is difficult, has entered this world with a bang, steadily increasing the number users and searches, recently it crossed 5 million searches per day, yep 5 million per day. What’s the reason for this kind of surge and what’s unique about this search engine, they are listed below:


Continue reading

Can Google fix elections?

I read an article in a leading news website (its sort of a tabloid these days), which were based on a study by Dr. Robert Epstein & his team, he is Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioural Research and Technology in California. The project was based on Search Engine Manipulation Effect, with the acronym SEME.

In the research study a group of undecided participants (1800 voters) were divided into groups in which search rankings were biased towards Arvind  Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi based on which group they were in. All these participants were asked to search for the candidates in a normal way, with only a difference of results appearance based on the groups assigned.

The results, the voting preferences favorably shifted by an average of 12.5 percent towards the candidates (Kejriwal, Gandhi / Modi) groups they were assigned. And this shift was hugely shifted in the categories of unemployed voters (18 percent) and women voters over 35 years (19 percent). And detection rate of this biased by the participants was just 1 percent. Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2013 Vs. Office 365-features and differences

Microsoft has started its launch of Office 2013 and refreshing Office 365. As an Microsoft Office user these questions popped up in mind, what’s new, can I upgrade or do I have to buy new license, should I go for Office 2013 or much hyped Office 365.
What’s New
Nothing much is the simplest answer. New version has minor fixes, tweaks and features; like touch screen compatibility, cloud integration and and and…. (Holly shomolly I forgot). But have great great limitation, new Microsoft Office editions are only available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X machines.Ah, with Office 365 you can directly subscribe over internet and no need for DVD’s, License Keys; just log-on to your Microsoft and everythings done.Another new is…….. Office LogountitledWhat’s in it for me : Home consumers Continue reading

iTribute to Steve Jobs: The Serpent who distributed Apple

Most of the people in the world believe that God created human’s in his own image, God first created Man and he didn’t want him to be alone and created woman. And he forbid them eating the fruit in the garden. But the serpent provoked them to eat it. The fruit was Apple, fruit of knowledge. They ate and this world is filled with 7 Billion+ Adams and Eves.

Technology was something similar, it was a restricted section to common people, which were supposed to enjoyed by Geeks, Scientists, astrologers, etc. But their emerged the serpent, who is famously known as Steve Jobs, who revolutionized technology to become part of household. I am definitely wrong in depicting or suggesting Jobs is to equivalent to Serpent, but both stood for one thing : Knowledge (I definitely know Jobs is real and Serpent is a myth).

Recently I read two books which were related to Apple & Steve Jobs and was impressed by the way he has grown from a fakir to a messiah of Technology. The main factor to Steve’s success was his brilliance in being a “Salesman”, the job requirement of a salesman is to sell the things that people want and as well to sell them which they don’t want. In first few years Jobs did both of these and was very successful. But his second innings with Apple was completely different, he sold Ideas to people, ideas which were never imagined earlier. His desire for simplicity and perfectionism is the reason why Apple grew from strength to strength and has become the Top company in the world.

Lets hope his child, Apple comes up with some innovative and game changing products in future. I wish Steve Jobs was here, but he isn’t, still we could celebrate his brilliance on his birthday: 24th February. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!!!