Obama Slogan 2012! Forward

Its 2012, presedential election campaigns will reach thunderous heights in next few days. 2008 saw a dramatic raise of Barack Obama with slogans shouting aloud of  “Change”, “Yes We Can”, etc. These could be his election slogans!!!


Not a Good Guy!!

“Dad, I like a guy and I don’t want you to search for my life partner”, shouted Sirisha; when her father was about to throw in a list of probable grooms list.

“Who is the Guy? why didn’t tell me about this earlier?” demanded Sirisha’s father, Mr. Shankar, a retired excise officer.

“Its Pradeep, we are in a relationship from past 2 years, we don’t want to get married before he is completely settled” replied Sirisha.

“Oh Pradeep!, isn’t he a Cop?” questioned Mr. Shankar.

“Yes, he is very good and honest” Sirisha was excited while replying, trying to have a good impression on her dad.

“He is not a Good Guy, if he is honest, trust worthy, how would he able to earn extra income if he isn’t corrupt” questioned Mr. Shankar with a sarcasm.