Dear Zimbabweans! you are F**ked for life!

I just read an interesting news article on important decision made by one and only Robert Mugabe. Yeah! that half dead (92 years) president of Zimbabwe, wait isn’t he a Dictator.

This what he says about his rule in Zimbabwe “In a democratic party, your don’t want leaders appointed that way to lead the part. They have to be appointed properly by the people, at a gathering of the people, at a congress.”

Wait did he say congress, did he mean Indian National Congress which is run by the “G-family”, the leaders of which are elected on the basis of family name. Oh wait! he must have meant the same, because his wife is raising quickly within the ranks of the party that he leads ZANU-PF. And he proves that he is not behind her raise within the party, but everyone would know he is beside her for such a quick raise.



“I am happy because I am about to reach the age I want. You know the age I want to reach – 100 years. So only eight years remain,” Mugabe said. What he really meant was I have ruled for 36 years, let me rule for 8 more years to be 44 years. Later he will tell people why do you let me go let me complete another 6 years, let it be 50 years, a great number for fucking up a country and people of the country.

Zimbabweans follow his health with keen interest and some fear the government could be paralyzed and the country riven by instability if he dies without resolving the succession issue. Fellow Zimbabweans it would be great if this leech is dead, atleast you would have some hope and rebuild your country much quickly.

But looking at the way Zimbabwea is run, Zimbabweans are f**ked for life, might also be f**ked beyond grave!



The real face of hypocrites walking in the corridors of media, bollywood, literature, etc was revealed with Malda riots incident. There were scores of people who were blaming Modi Government of raising intolerance in the nation, and the incident which triggered the hoopla of intolerance was Dadri incident, All the so-called secularist were making headlines with “Intolerance” remarks, award wapsi, etc. But now after Malda incident everyone who were shouting with big pipes aren’t even visible and they avoid talking about it. Why such a hypocrisy? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of “M” might make your life difficult? Why only arrest Kamlesh Tiwari and let Azam Khan roam free? Or was the Malda incident created to disturb ongoing investigation against Drug Mafia, Currency Mafia, etc?

The Logic is simple, during Dadri incident you were brave to accuse a tolerant person about intolerance, but now with Malda incident you are afraid to accuse an intolerant person about intolerance.



Today its proved YU (are un)Fit, Amazon

Indian E-Commerce has seen tremendous growth in past 2 years, benefiting all the stakeholders, customers, industry, investors, etc. Off late the concept of flash sale has created such a frenzy that people are forced to buy a particular product, at particular time, from a particular e-commerce website.

Today, 29th July was one such day, today is the day when global e-commerce player Amazon proved, its unfit to handle huge demand from customers.

Sales of YuFit – an activity tracker; competitor to MiBand failed miserably due to technical glitches in Amazon’s website.

Technical problem or not, customer care wasn’t able to convey the message of duration of this outage, they were doling out common response across the platform:
” There is some technical issues as of now. Our technical team is working on it. And the sale has been extended till 4PM.
So i request you to try placing the order after 30 minutes.”

This is the reply from Amazon after 6:30, on my Facebook asking me to join the race again on 31st:

” Hey! We have an exclusive sale on July 31st, 2015 at 2 P.M. for the customers who were able to add the product to the cart but weren’t able to check out.

– Grace”

Thanks Grace and all customer care associates for putting up such clueless replies to queries from customers.

Amazon you really made my day, you wasted my 1 hour trying to buy a product from your website.

Check out @Raowords‘s Tweet:

“@amazon @YUplaygod @Micromax_Mobile #yufit today is the day its proved YU (are un)Fit, Amazon”

Dumbass owns a smartphone – Experience 1

Dumbass 1: Hello, Excuse me
I turn around to see Dumbass 1 driving a luxury car and flashing his brand new Apple iPhone 6 plus.
Me: Yes!
Dumbass 1: Can you direct me to xyz hotel.
Me: Oh, yes!(I hesitate a bit, I didn’t hear the word “Please” anywhere in his sentence)
Dumbass 1: how should I go (Still “Please” was missing, I was thinking to mock the hell out of this guy)
Me: Oh! you have got iPhone 6 Plus?
Dumbass 1: Yes, I bought it yesterday, it cost me a bomb.
Me: Amazing! What other features does it have? (now cost is also a feature, if its expensive its has niche features, if its low-cost it’s all basic features)
Dumbass 1: (Really excited, or thinking that he got a chance to boast about his knowledge of this amazing device) It has 6 inch display,4G, 8MP camera, 64GB Rom, GPS, bluetooth, NFC, blah…blah….. for few minutes.
Me: Wow! It has 4G! and it works amazing with abc network
Dumbass 1: Yes, I have even got 4G activated from abc network and it works like a breeze, when others struggle with download speed, this beauty does it in a flash.
Me: Hmm (looking quite impressed) so why can’t you use that brick to tell you directions?
Dumbass 1: what? brick? (with a surprised look)
Me: yeah! It’s a brick if you don’t know how to use it. It has GPS, 4G, etc.. but
Dumbass 1: but.. what?
Me: But, it’s not smartphones fault, it’s a great smart phone but its bought by a Dumbass!
Dumbass 1 is greatly humiliated by my words and people walking by and on the street side are laughing at his humiliation, I walk away with an evil smile.