Indian Olympics Team for 2016

London 2012 Olympics is over, India is placed at a disappointing 55th place with 6 medals (2-Silver, 4-Bronze) . Its odd to see World No. 2 in population to be placed so low on this coveted list of medal winners.

So I am preparing a list of individuals who should compete in the next Olympics, who will surely win medals for India.

1. Sharukh Khan: Athletic Events, such as 100 mts, 200 mts, 400 mts, 800 mts, etc. Anyone who had seen Ra.One and his athleticism in the train scene would agree with me.

Bhag SRK Bhag

2. Aamir Khan: Diving Events require high amount precision and Aamir khan fits the bill with his perfectionist style and we would be sure that he would score 10/10 in this precision based events.

3. Salman Khan: With power packed punches, he is the best bet in boxing, one punch is enough for a knock out win.

Packing a punch!!

4. Ajay Devgan (Devgn, Dvgan, so confused with his name): He can act well as a pehalwan, let him show the world that he can “Win gold wearing only Langot”

5. Akshay Kumar: Khiladi of Bollywood could use his martial arts knowledge in Judo & Taekwondo.

Kick some ass

6. Hrithik Roshan: Well well this Greek God could be a wonder in the pool, fingers crossed that he will beat Phelps record.

7. John Abraham: We can send him for weightlifting, any one remember his bike stunt in movie Force (it was pathetic, i have seen a man doing that don’t believe me here is the proof).

What say guys??

8. Ranbir Kapoor: After seeing him riding cycles in trailers of Barfi, we can surely send him to cycling competitions.

9. Abhishek Bachchan: Shooting, I hope this Dhoom actor will hit the bulls eye each time otherwise medals hopes would be doomed.

Aim at Bulls eye

10. Saif Ali Khan: Being a nawab he should have grown up around the Stud farms, we can send him for equestrian events, atleast he could be useful here.

11. Shahid Kapoor,  Sharman Joshi , Vivek Oberoi & Imran Khan: Gymnastics is the best thing for these lot, with charming faces they might be able to do wonders.

12. Sunjay Dutt & Sunny Deol: Could be the men required in the ring for India.

13. Tushar Kapoor & Reitesh Deshmukh: Super Cool guys can participate in Beach Volley ball, with only one condition they will never try to repeat a Dostana scene.

Coming over to Women’s event it becomes very very difficult to choose, as all of them are concentrating on beach volleyball.

How could I forget this legend’s name in this list, Rajnikant, Organizers of 2016 Olympics would handover all the Gold medals to him and India will be the “Number One” on the medals list.


Whats say you people???????