List of Indian Olympic Medal Winners

Loop India, a country with go second largest population on the face of the earth and a biggest democracy is growing year by year in the economic, technology, defense sectors  etc. But puts up a sorry face when it comes to sporting success, India has struggled to win medals at Olympics, only one game in which India dominated was Hockey, but in this game as well we haven’t won a medal since 1980.

India has won 9 Gold Medals, 7 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, a total of 28 medals in the history of 31 Olympic Games. Here is the list of medal winners from India, and they have made country proud with their effort and dedication. Lets hope many more take inspiration from them and try to achieve greater success in the field of Sports.

Individual Gold medalist: 1

1. Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra

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What I would miss about Barclays Premier League

Last 10 matches of Barclays Premier League 2013-14 and the title still undecided, it could go either Manchester City or Liverpool’s way, however Manchester City are the favorites with one round to go. Couple of years back I would follow all major sports, cricket (being an Indian and we have cricket in our blood), football, formula 1, Tennis, etc. But in last couple of years I lost interest in cricket,  after IPL, Champions League, etc came into picture, it was over dose of  cricket that pushed me out of cricket, I still watch cricket but not as it used to be.



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The 2013 Formula1 Predictions

Its 2013 and Formula1’s new season will unveil this weekend, the contest between teams and drivers will fierce. Winter testing was interesting, all the top teams and drivers topped the charts in one or the other sessions, except Sebastian Vettel, but I am not surprised that he didn’t top the charts, he always keeps the extra seconds in his pockets and only uses it in qualifying.

Formula1 Drivers of 2013

Driver’s Championship Prediction

Driver’s Champion Prediction : The list has been divided based on the team, potential and previous record.

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