List of Indian Olympic Medal Winners

Loop India, a country with go second largest population on the face of the earth and a biggest democracy is growing year by year in the economic, technology, defense sectors  etc. But puts up a sorry face when it comes to sporting success, India has struggled to win medals at Olympics, only one game in which India dominated was Hockey, but in this game as well we haven’t won a medal since 1980.

India has won 9 Gold Medals, 7 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, a total of 28 medals in the history of 31 Olympic Games. Here is the list of medal winners from India, and they have made country proud with their effort and dedication. Lets hope many more take inspiration from them and try to achieve greater success in the field of Sports.

Individual Gold medalist: 1

1. Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra

Multiple Medal Winners : 2

1. Norman Pritchard

Norman Pritchard

2. Sushil Kumar

Sushi Kumar

Women Medal Winners: 3

1. Karnam Malleswari

karnam malleswari

2. Mary Kom

Mary Kom

3. Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal


Individual/Team Medal Years Games Sport Event
Norman Pritchard  Silver  1900 Paris Athletics Men’s 200 metres
Norman Pritchard  Silver  1900 Paris Athletics Men’s 200 metre hurdles
National team  Gold  1928 Amsterdam Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Gold  1932 Los Angeles Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Gold  1936 Berlin Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Gold  1948 London Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Gold  1952 Helsinki Hockey Men’s competition
Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav  Bronze  1952 Helsinki Wrestling Men’s freestyle Bantamweight
National team  Gold  1956 Melbourne Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Silver  1960 Rome Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Gold  1964 Tokyo Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Bronze  1968 Mexico Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Bronze  1972 Munich Hockey Men’s competition
National team  Gold  1980 Moscow Hockey Men’s competition
Leander Paes  Bronze  1996 Atlanta Tennis Men’s singles
Karnam Malleswari  Bronze  2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women’s 69 kg
Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore  Silver  2004 Athens Shooting Men’s double trap
Abhinav Bindra  Gold  2008 Beijing Shooting Men’s 10 m Air Rifle
Vijender Singh  Bronze  2008 Beijing Boxing Men’s 75 kg
Sushil Kumar  Bronze  2008 Beijing Wrestling Men’s 66 kg Freestyle
Gagan Narang  Bronze  2012 London Shooting Men’s 10m Air Rifle
Vijay Kumar  Silver  2012 London Shooting Men’s 25 Rapid Fire Pistol
Saina Nehwal  Bronze  2012 London Badminton Women’s Singles
Mary Kom  Bronze  2012 London Boxing Women’s Flyweight
Yogeshwar Dutt  Bronze  2012 London Wrestling Men’s 60 kg Freestyle
Sushil Kumar  Silver  2012 London Wrestling Men’s 66 kg Freestyle
Sakshi Malik  Bronze  2016 Rio Wrestling Women’s 58 kg Freestyle
Sindhu P V  Silver  2016 Rio Badminton Women’s Singles


  1. While we do hope, a realistic assessment will, perhaps, present a different picture. Time was when “there is no future” was the reason offered for poor performance in sports. Look at our recent performance in cricket. In a sport where there is no dearth of money, where youngsters can hope to earn beyond the wildest dreams of their parents’ generation, even without making it to the national squad, the national team’s performance is pathetic. Perhaps the time has come to say “we just aren’t good enough or committed enough to be consistently good in sports”. Sad, but that is what it seems like.

  2. List is not complete India first participated at the Olympic Games in 1900, with a lone athlete (Norman Pritchard) winning two medals- both silver- in athletics. The nation first sent a team to the Summer Olympic Games in 1920, and has participated in every Summer Games since then. India has also competed at several Winter Olympic Games beginning in 1909.

  3. All the time in history Indians were made fool either by foreigners or by our own country leaders.we deprived the freedom opted by Netaji Subas Chandra Bose Thats the reason we are senseless,responseless and hypocrates and lost vigour,vitality and values and virtues.We donot know the self prideness out of success on individual as well as country level.These bloody political leaders and corrputed bureaucracy nexus very well captured the pulse of the hinzra population to introduce a bogus game called cricket and make the country a dumpyard .All the games and sports have been hijacked by cricket and a handful of persons are enjoying by sucking the blood in a draculian manner of the the ambitions and aspirations of crores of countrymen.

    But God is watching all these very carefully.

  4. India has all talent. only thing missing is channelizing their talent. let us give ideas to develop it. I have a suggestion. First creating a big base for Indian sports is priority. Schools are the real powerhouses of sports. unfortunately, government failed to focus on schools. Of course, it is not a priority item for govt. Government spends huge amounts for running tribal welfare schools, social welfare, B.C.welfare, and residential schools for girls and other unprivileged categories. There are thousands of schools in this country where the government meets total expenditure of these residential schools. If the government converts 10% of these schools into sports schools, no additional expenditure for government, but these schools can become the reservoir of players from where the national level players can be emerged. Govt. need not spend a pie extra, only thing they should order to convert existing 10 % residential schools into Sports Schools.

    • I do agree with your point that the school’s real power houses of sports and govt denied focusing on this power . The most surprising thing is that some of the school’s were permitted without play ground. Then how is India supposed to be won medals where prior obligation is given a short eye.mostly students are confined to the studies and it’s our unfortunate that some of the school’s don’t promote PETs at all. So we can’t expect anything mere blaming ourselves.

  5. India basically sent a half dozen individual athlete’s and the Hockey team to the Olympics till basically 2000s. Even now Hungary has a larger team. And countries with smaller teams, like Jamaica focus all energies on one sport Athletics, with at least more medals than Hockey. India should follow China model. Focus on cheap and democratic sports with medals, while improving Hockey facilities. Boxing, weightlifting, shooting, wrestling, and athletics should be a focus. The only sports Indians truly ever competed in were a little track and wrestling. Rich self-funders can do their best in tennis, archery, and other expensive sports.

  6. Since Indians are very sensitive and emotional. Perhaps, that’s the reason our sports persons fail to get more than a couple of medals in any event outside India. Bcoz, if we get more than this, our heart will come to throat in joy, which could cause death due to suffocation. Otherwise….

  7. First of all, thanks for collating and updating the list of all winners. And when it comes to winning medals, its not easy as we sit and analyse and provide our inputs here. Requires talent, hard work, dedication and lot of support from Govt. for infra and finance. Most importantly, we need that COACH, who can coach and take us through all the odds. Gopichand has proved it all.

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