It Freaks No More!!

Friday, this day is the most loved day around the world, on this day people are most happy and enthusiastic in whatever they do, they have only one thing in mind, planning about how to spend the weekend. But for me its different ; I most disappointed on this day, reason is I have to do the house chores on these days and I am bugged by it. Bachelor’s life is difficult, difficulty level increases if you are staying alone, away from near and dear ones, working as Tech Support, working for the US Investment Bank divisions, who don’t spare you a minute for taking rest, because for them every second means money, add to it a grave yard shift of 7 PM to 4 AM; but that usually go beyond 6 AM.

Life was tiresome, and a Tech Support executives appraisals are quite funny, even the managers or supervisors are confused to do the ratings, most of the time people don’t stick around in this job for long, the benefits and perks in other organization is always better, life still remains hell, but who cares the increased pay always soothes the burning arse. But one thing is certain or rather it seems like an understanding among our breed, a Tech Support has to support his colleague and be sure that you will reap benefits directly or indirectly in the form of referrals while jumping the ship.

My last appraisal was hilarious, I had taken a list of things I had achieved and appreciation received for my work. My manager was prepared much well than me, he had bought a list of opposite things (I learnt latter everyone does the same, but intensity would be much higher), my appraisal was finished within record time, and even Usain Bolt would have envied the quickness of it.

My manager “your rating is average, I have looked at your form and here is the list of things you haven’t done correctly and I would expect you to work more diligently next time”.

Me “But, I was new and learning things

Manager “That’s the reason why you are getting this rating, and you didn’t attend even a single organizational training since you joined

Me “But, I wasn’t nominated for any, and we were short staffed, and you had told this yourself”

Manager “For higher ratings you have to give more than what you are supposed to do, you haven’t done anything, well I am nominating for the training next Thursday and Friday and I would expect you to attend it. And your rating won’t change.”

Now my confusion increased, what he means by “Your rating won’t change”, was he mentioning about the current or the next rating, WTF, I will definitely jump the ship soon.

My shift time for Thursday and Friday was adjusted for the scheduled training, which was from 9 AM to 6 PM. I was happy with this timing and planned my visit to my hometown Bangalore, Alas forgot to mention, and I currently live in Hyderabad. I usually booked 9PM bus, because it had a stop in front of my office and also a stop close to my place, this was doubly beneficial.

The training was in Problem Solving and Decision Making, this is the kind of work I do on daily basis and everything being taught was same old thing, difference only being the trainer and the examples to explain theory. This was official holiday; I made a conscious effort to avoid my work area that day, also switched off my mobile, just in case of any calls dropping by. Thursday went on smoothly and on Friday morning I had decided to keep my bags ready to travel, but I had a problem, I had mountain of cloths to wash, to exact two weeks of clothes, last weekend I was in office working on the system migration and testing, we were paid OT charges, which were triple than the regular hour pays and had lunch, dinner treats from the management, the deal was good and most of the Tech guys turned up on the day.

On Friday morning, after completing my morning chores, I segregated my cloths and put all my Shirts in the washing machine and left it to soak for about an hour. I always wished that this mess of soaking vanished one day, I would be able to finish the dirty linen stuff much quickly. In the mean time, went to one of the Sagars (Udupi fast food hotel) nearby and ordered the delicious Butter Masala Dosa, this had become my favorite breakfast food on Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s and other days, I would only wake up by 3 or 4 PM and would usually get the “Dhabba” from the food vendor. It was 7 AM when I returned home, switched on the washing machine and decided to be a “Bathroom Singer”.

My first set of cloths were washed and I had the second set, which consisted of 8 trousers, 5 were black (I preferred black trousers over any other color). It has to soak, otherwise the stains from the monsoon showers wouldn’t vanish.  I decided, to let it soak in the washing machine and I would wash them after returning from office, as I had enough time before the departure time. I left for office, after leaving the washed clothes on the balcony mesh to dry.

Friday training was uneventful, and I was about to sign-off, I received a call from my manager.

My Manager:  Are Bhai kahan ho? Pura din dikhahi nahi diye (Hey Bro, where’s your ass? didn’t see the whole day)

Me: I was in a training session, you nominated me and strictly told me not to miss any

MM: Ah! I remember now. Is your training done for the day.

Me: Yes, do you want me to do anything (Alas, a mistake)

MM: Could you come to the floor and check on the system issues on XYZ’s system.

(XYZ, had a very bad reputation among the Tech Peeps, we always cribbed whenever this guy’s system issues were reported, he taught himself as a genius in fixing things and would always poke his nose in what we were doing.)

Me: Nope, I have to catch a bus to go to Bangalore and I have to be in station by 9 PM

MM: Ok, it’s not a problem; I will drop you when you are done with this.

Me: I will check. But I will not stay beyond 7.30. You would drop me at the station.

MM: Ok, please go and check on it.

I cursed myself and went to the XYZ’s desk, as I had predicted, the problem was messy and it took long time to troubleshoot the problems at hand. When I had a look at my watch time was 8PM and now I panicked. Called up my colleague from Tech and showed him what to do and left from the operations bay. I went straight to my manager’s desk, I was shocked, it was empty and I inquired Raghu, who was at help-desk taking calls, he told manager had left by 7. I felt cheated and decided in mind I would never ever work beyond my shift timings. I caught up the next departing cab and reached home by 8.45PM. I had only 15 minutes to pack to reach the station, which was 10 minutes walk away. I packed things in a hurry and reached the station. I didn’t miss the bus and the whole week went by smoothly.

Monday morning, I returned from Bangalore and went straight to the bed for the second nap. I woke up around 4.30 and got freshened-up and was looking for my trousers, all the regular one’s had disappeared and went to balcony. I saw all the washed up clothes were waving at me “Hi Idiot, you left us out for the entire weekend, and our companions are lying in the washing machine”. I ran towards the washing machine and let the water to run out and when I opened the door of the washing machine, the stink was so high, that I would have fallen flat. I removed the trousers with closed eyes and holding my breath and when all were out I was staring at colors which I couldn’t name and the original color of the trousers were nowhere to be seen. Straight forward I had incurred a loss of over 10k and I was left with only brown trousers, which I hate from the depth of my heart.

With all the shit that happened on Friday, I had only one question why can’t I “Soak No More”?.

This is a contest post, written for #SoakNoMore contest sponsored by Surf & IndiBlogger.