The real face of hypocrites walking in the corridors of media, bollywood, literature, etc was revealed with Malda riots incident. There were scores of people who were blaming Modi Government of raising intolerance in the nation, and the incident which triggered the hoopla of intolerance was Dadri incident, All the so-called secularist were making headlines with “Intolerance” remarks, award wapsi, etc. But now after Malda incident everyone who were shouting with big pipes aren’t even visible and they avoid talking about it. Why such a hypocrisy? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of “M” might make your life difficult? Why only arrest Kamlesh Tiwari and let Azam Khan roam free? Or was the Malda incident created to disturb ongoing investigation against Drug Mafia, Currency Mafia, etc?

The Logic is simple, during Dadri incident you were brave to accuse a tolerant person about intolerance, but now with Malda incident you are afraid to accuse an intolerant person about intolerance.