Labels and Surname

During interaction with students of NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) Rahul Gandhi said that they should not put labels on things and industries. He said that labels were human invention, not the Universe’s. He added that as students, they should take their own perspective into account and then only they could succeed.

Let’s do a bit of introspection:

  1. What is your achievement? Born in Gandhi-Nehru family
  2. What is your universe? Congress Party started by Gandhi-Nehru
  3. What is the label you flaunt every where? Great grand son of Gandhi-Nehru


Rahul Gandhi, is it right for you to advise students when you carry a big label around. You haven’t achieved anything other than being related to Gandhi and Nehru. Its time for you to think about your life, establish yourself rather than being dependent on your family business of politics.


Take my advise, its free!

*  If you want to pay, let me know. I will send an invoice, also advise should I add GST or ST.


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