Guide to Copyright free images

Many a times we try to search for pics from the internet which are relevant to our needs, it might be for a blog post, business requirement, etc. Almost every time we wonder whether the image is subject to copyrights (usage rights) and whether we could use it for non-commercial or commercial purpose.

Google Images has an advanced search option which enables people to search for copyright free images, please follow the 3 steps given below to use this option:

1. Google Images search via “Advanced Search”:

  • Log into
  • Scroll over to  “Settings” Serachsettings option on right hand side of the page
  • Click on “Advanced Search”
advanced search settings

advanced search settings

2. Search Keywords:

  • Type in the keywords for your search
  • The Options on the page is detailed and you can use the combination of these options to refine your results
Refined your keywords/search words

Refined your keywords/search words

3. Select appropriate “Usage Rights”

  • After providing search keywords, you can narrow your search results by various options, like size, aspect, colors in image, type of image, specific site or domain path (.com, .org etc), file type, usage rights, etc
  • The most important feature here is Usage rights, it has various options and results of each option is different. Lets have a look at each of them:

a. Not filtered by License: Google lists everything that appears for the search criteria, without distinguishing whether the images is copyrighted or not.

b. Free to use share: These images could be used without making any changes other than commercial usage, the results under this category has very limited usage rights.

c. Free to use share, even commercially: These images could be used for everything, even commercial usage, but modifications to the original content is prohibited.

d. Free to use share or modify: These images could be used with modifications, but commercial usage is prohibited.

e. Free to use share or modify, even commercially: These are images which doesn’t have any limitations, these could be modified, as well as used for commercial purposes.

Select Relevant Search Criteria

Select Relevant Search Criteria

Most of the times bloggers and small businesses use images which are available on the internet without knowing whether these images are copyrighted or not and its also difficult to know such status. Advance search option is a right tool to find appropriate and free usage right images.

I hope this guide was helpful to locate Royalty Free images




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