Problems of being an Insomniac

I can’t  sleep beyond three hours in a day, and it seems really odd for many who think I am some sort of a freak who  can keep an eye out for them, always.


Its amazing how people, especially  during my first few interactions with them, they don’t even know what’s my problem and still sympathize my condition. Don’t sympathize my condition I am totally healthy, and normal and not disabled (shit, oops I have to be politically correct as well ) differently able. Only thing different is I sleep less, a lot lesser than you, less  than 50% of what you do.

The problems (people sympathizing or misunderstanding me and my condition) doubles when I am traveling, I travel on weekends to be with my family who 400 miles from where I work. If I have to go for overnight journey this problems jumps many fold and many a times these things have led to funny, as well as embarrassing situations.

After facing few embarrassing situations I tried to act that I was sleeping, while I was wide awake, bingo  problem solved, actually it didn’t but it back fired. It was much more embarrassing when people realized that I was acting to be asleep. On few occasions my co-passenger was pretty lady or a super hot babe (the kind who gives an instant boner),  my recognition changed from a freak to a creep. How would one explain insomnia after you have been caught, not caught but sort of caught.

A few days later I decided, I wouldn’t care about what others think or feel. I would be awake when traveling, now I usually pack a few books or open my laptop or mobile, at least others now think I have some sort of important meeting or presentation and I Am working on it. But people many times object that I am disturbing their precious sleep.

Why should minority always adjust to these normal (majority) people?


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