a unique search engine

Search engine world is filled with Google, Bing, Facebook search, etc. In this highly competitive world, entry for a new search engine is difficult, has entered this world with a bang, steadily increasing the number users and searches, recently it crossed 5 million searches per day, yep 5 million per day. What’s the reason for this kind of surge and what’s unique about this search engine, they are listed below:


1. Privacy: The searches done on aren’t stored and the privacy of its user is of highest priority. I know you would think its safe to search in Google as well, but its not, Google, bing or any search engine out there stores all the searches done. And I was surprised to know, that in past six months I had searched more than 10000 times and it was out there to analyze.
The surge in the traffic to increased after revelations by Snowden about widespread monitoring by American Government of internet and telecommunications all around the world.
It was in Jan 2009, duckduckgo stopped to collect or store or share the information about its users.

2. Relevant search results: In current crop of search engines the results are a lot clumsy, as the results are based on keyword, page rank, etc but not based on relevance of the search, sometimes results are based on ads and they might be from only one source. In, the results are listed based on levels from basics (Wikipedia  extract) to advanced features and they would be from different source of web.

3. Simple and uncluttered : The settings in duckduckgo is way simpler to use than of other browsers and you can customize the homepage to your wish.
It has lesser spam and ad free searches and its results are much much smarter than other search engines.

Google has to watch out for this small but a very very unique search engine.


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  1. If you use the ‘Lightbeam’ plug in and DDG as your SE then you will see that DDG might not track you but there are plenty of Remora fish tagging along for the ride. However DDG is the only real alternative to the all seeing eye that is Google.

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