A request to Narendra Modi!

I am fed up with the elections campaign happening around the country, and how its been fed by the so called news channels. Its really disgusting how these  politicians are still clinging to the old British way of divide and rule. I am surprised by how we common men still fall for these hate speeches, illogical secularism, dirty schemes,  etc.


The voting has ended yesterday, and as per the exit polls conducted by various channels BJP & co. would get majority and the government would be formed under leadership of Narendra Modi. Here is the list of things a common man would expect from Modi Government:

1. Treat me as an Indian, not by my religion, caste, status, etc
2. Prosperity of the nation should be priority, not self prosperity. Development of industry and commerce via reforming infrastructure, policies, etc
3. Be away from “coalition dharma”, be humble and transparent
4. Strong judicial and political integration for clean and transparent political and judicial system. Setting up of additional courts to speed up the judicial process and setting the deadlines to clear each kind of civil or criminal crimes.
5. Providing security to all the citizens, especially to women and children
6. Transparent hiring policies in government organizations
7. Treating all children as asset of the nation and providing equal opportunities, by allocating more than 5% of funds towards primary and high school development activities. And an additional 3% For colleges and higher education institutes.
8. Transforming pathetic government schools to be a role model schools in next 5 years
9. Make voting mandatory for each and every citizen and provide flexibility to vote from anywhere in the country


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