What I would miss about Barclays Premier League

Last 10 matches of Barclays Premier League 2013-14 and the title still undecided, it could go either Manchester City or Liverpool’s way, however Manchester City are the favorites with one round to go. Couple of years back I would follow all major sports, cricket (being an Indian and we have cricket in our blood), football, formula 1, Tennis, etc. But in last couple of years I lost interest in cricket,  after IPL, Champions League, etc came into picture, it was over dose of  cricket that pushed me out of cricket, I still watch cricket but not as it used to be.



1. Fantasy Premier League:

I am a fan of fantasy premier league, and signed up for it in last year and didn’t update the team on weekly basis and when the season ended I was ranked at 1.8 million, that’s pathetic with 2.4 million players. This year I had decided I would follow up much closely and target my self to be within 0.5 million, I knew few weeks i wouldn’t get chance to update my team. I made lots of mistakes when I chose the team on the first week and  I made it based on my favorites


Team on Week1 : Cech, O’shea, Williams, Reid, Cole, Routledge, Pienaar, Thomas, Van Persie, Lukaku, Courch & Bench: Vorm, Bale, Cowie & Assou – Ekotto.

Many would think WTF he picked Bale & Assou – Ekotto, yes that’s what I did, I didn’t follow up with the current news and picked up the team in haste and hoped Gareth Bale would stay on with Spurs. It was huge a blow, I was down at a rank of 2.25 Million by end of 4th week and I knew my hopes of finishing with in 0.5 million rank was distant. I followed up the news and BPL closely (Used travel time) and started to make updates on weekly basis and smartly used the transfers based on the matches and players form. Now, with a week to go my team is ranked at 252,377 with 2164 points.



2. Goal Fest’s, Snake & Ladder :

With more than 100 goals each both teams have proven they have utilized the opportunities that came their way. Both teams play attacking game, but still they are different from one another. Majority of Liverpool’s Goals have come from their Strikers, but with City its much more balanced with spoils shared among their Strikers & Mid-fielders.

In December end table was topped by Arsenal, January by Manchester City, February by Chelsea, March & April by Liverpool and now with 2 days to go Manchester City. This is as close as it can get (2011/12 was closer with Manchester Clubs fighting out) and football fans were in for a treat.

3. Surprise Resurgence by Sunderland & Bye Bye to – Norwich City, Fulham & Cardiff City:

Six Weeks ago, i didn’t think Sunderland would make such a tremendous turn around and save themselves from relegation. Its time to bid adieu to Norwich City, Fulham & Cardiff City.

Cardiff City: After watching their second match against Manchester City, I thought they can certainly hold off an aggressive attack (Cardiff won 3-2) and they might do well this season, but things changed for them once they lost to Chelsea by a  4-1 and there was no stopping them until they dropped to the bottom of the table. But for them few players played well (Caulker, Mutch, Marshall & Whittingham) and hope they do well next year to qualify back to Premier League.

Fulham: I thought they were much weaker than bottom placed Cardiff City and it was left to Sidwell to do all the work in front and mid-field, good luck to them for the next year.

Norwich City: They really missed a top class Striker, and in every match they started with 10 defenders and a goalie. All the best for next year.

4. Sacked Managers:

2013-14 is the year of “Manager Sack”ing in Premier League, we will know exact sackings before next season’s beginning. But here is a list of those who were sacked (/mutually parted):

A. Sunderland – Paolo Di Canio

B. Crystal Palace – Ian Holloway

C. Tottenham – Andre Villas-Boas

D. West Brom – Steve Clarke

E. Cardiff City – Malky Mackay

F. Swansea – Michael Laudrup

G. Fulham – Martin Jol & Rene Meulensteen

H. Manchester United – David Moyes

 Its really a shame that David Moyes didn’t even get two years with Manchester United, If I remember correctly in one of the documents showed on Star Sports, in 1989-90 a banner was put up as “Three years of excuses and it’s still crap … ta-ra Fergie” and Sir Alex Ferguson states “the darkest period ever suffered in the game”. They gave a chance to him and he created history with Man U, but they didn’t even give a full year to David Moyes, I really feel sorry for him.

I wish them to do well in their next assignments.

I am excited and can’t wait for the final match of Man city and Liverpool, may the best team win (actually both are best, let it be lucky team win, ooopsss, can’t decide whom to support), Spurs all the best next year!!!!!!!


Note: The pics are taken from google and I don’t own them.


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