Indian Party renamed as Indo-Italian National Congress!

New Delhi Mar.14 : One of India’s political party Indian National Cons have decided to rename their party, to Indo-Italian National Congress and they have chosen an Election Symbol which looks like a foot.

Indian National Congress

Our correspondent Jootha Singham spoke to the party leader,  Salman Besharam Kurshiwala earlier today and this is what he had to say

Why was your party name changed?

– See, We are a national party and we have got a new president Suniyo Maino who is from Italy, our popularity has even reached Italy, so in order to celebrate this unique feat we have decided to rename our party to Indo-Italian National Congress.

If you look into Indian Flag and Italian Flag look similar, you have to just tilt it and add a chakra to it.

How was Suniyo Maino nominated for the post of President? Does she have experience to lead the party

– Don’t you know, She has great experience, its in her blood, she married our Ex-party presidents son and she rightfully deserves her place as party president. She is the mother of our next Prime Minister of the country and she has great experience in handling him and all the party members could be handled similarly.

Another important factor is we are trying to match our leading opponent and they have an Italian as their president, (raising his voice) if they can why can’t we.

Why is your election symbol a foot?

– See, (speepishly smiling) we wanted a hand, but it’s already taken by our opponent so we decided to go for the “Foot”.  And its logical, we always do raod shows and Pad yatra’s and we walk a lot, to symbolize this we chose “Foot”.

What are the advantages of having a name Indo-Italian Congress Party?

– (fuming with anger) Don’t you understand, we can form government in Italy as well as in India and we don’t need middlemen or a borker to handle all the top-secret defense scams, oops, sorry, top-secret defence deals which is beneficial (to us).

What do you mean by beneficial to country or your party?

– (Shouts at the reporter) Us the party and party members, you are an Idiot, how did you become a journalist.

Salman Besharam Kurshiwala is angry and throws the mike at our reporter, Jootha Singham.

(Jootha Singham gets up from his chair like Baji Rao Singham, his cousin brother and shouts)

Aaja majhi satakli hai

(and……. runs away)


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  1. Declassification of files may prove that Japan and British jointly played a foul game with Netaji;
    In WW-I, Japan was an ally of British. Before WW-II, Japan-US trade war and political war started, this led to actual war between US and Japan. So British became an enemy to Japan by diplomatic manipulation as US – British alliance was there. After WW-II, Japan revived their old connection with British via spies. Japanese and British spies were enough linked before WW-II. Japanese spies agreed to eliminate Netaji. Motive was to appease the British and purchase security for Japan royal family. Thus, Japan handed over Netaji to British and British executed him in secrete. The false news of air crash was Japan’s fabrication. In any controversial case, liar is to be suspected first.
    Netaji’s plan to start second independence war with the help of USSR was known to Japan. There was enough scope for British and Japanese spies to develop a common minimum program against pro-communist agenda of Netaji. Why should Japanese imperialism agree to patronize emergence of independent India as a permanent communist ally? Is it not more logical to fulfill British condition and purchase favor? Why Japan royal family was not tried as a war criminal? What is the mystery behind this favor?
    There is another point about gumnami baba. Who was he? Gumnami baba was a dummy created as a part of common minimum program of Japanese imperialism and British imperialism. In axis camp, creation of dummy by plastic surgery was a common practice. Hitler and Mussolini were having number of dummies. Japan sold Netaji-dummy to British. British deputed this dummy at faizabad of Uttar Pradesh, with a purpose to create confusion that as if Netaji’s death or life is doubtful. The confusion prevented the nation to be doubtful about role of Japan or British. So gumnami baba of faizabad is a common creation of Japanese spies and British spies. Never had he told the truth. If he had told anything, that must be lie. In a controversial case, liar is to be suspected. So, Japan sold Netaji to British and British executed him in secret. Japan sold Netaji-dummy to British and British deputed him at faizabad of Uttar-Pradesh. Japan surrendered to US-UK side on 15th august 1945. Netaji’s last flight was on 18th august 1945. A surrendered Japan was no longer an ally of azad hind. They worked as per their new mentors, the British.

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