If convicted will Being Human change to Being Criminal

One of my friend bought a new T shirt which boasted the word “Being Human” across his chest. This is a common trend after Bollywood superstar “Slaman Khan”  established a charity foundation with the name “Being Human Foundation” and started to sell T shirts, Watches, etc.

Being Human Salman Khan Black

The cause “Being Human” looks like a PR stunt to change the negative aspect surrounding the superstar, otherwise how could one support a person who has cases against him and some of them are very very grave:

1. Rash and negligent driving, which resulted in 1 death and 4 serious injuries.

2. Hunting of Chinkara, an endangered species.

3. Hunting of Black Bucks, again an endangered species.

Indian law and order is so corrupt and old fashioned one can easily escape it by paying bribes, twisting the laws, willful absenteeism from court when summoned, etc.

But a positive came about a few days back when the rash and negligent driving case was upgraded to a Homicide, reasons for the changes are plenty, lets have a look at them a) Superstar had the knowledge that his act of rash and negligent driving would result in death or injuries to innocent people, & b) Superstar’s police bodyguard had advised not to drive at such high speeds when he touched 90 to 100 kmph.

But this Superstar pleaded that it wasn’t intentional but it was an act of God!, did the God enter his body and caused this accident, dude please watch Oh My God!.

I can’t decide whether a person is guilty or not, but justice has been delayed by a very long time and hope that this case reaches its climax and truth and justice is held high.

Being Criminal

Being Criminal

I am not bothered whether this Superstar is guilty or not, I am only concerned about when will truth and justice will be held high. A question arose in my mind “If convicted will Being Human change to Being Criminal”.


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