Sachin Will Retire only if Mayan Prediction is True!!

Sachin Tendulkar, the Indian God of Cricket has spoken exclusively to our news correspondent Jhol Pandey(Half brother of Chulbul Pandey). Our news reporter was supposed to fly back to India from an “Air Australia”(AA) after completing live reporting of the World Kho Kho Cup (India bottomed out here too and Ireland won the trophy), but as AA went bankrupt, our correspondent decided to cover the Commonwealth Bank series, between India, Australia & Srilanka.  our correspondent luckily found Sachin in the airport trying to practice cricket on his iPad, with a game of Defend the Wicket (not the one between your legs).

This is what Sachin had to tell to our Jhol Pandey:

Jhol Pandey: You are currently going through a rough phase, many former cricketers want you to retire. How do you feel about your cricket.

Sachin: Yes, I am going through a rough phase, see I have been unable to defend my wicket for long time. But I am practicing hard to ensure that I don’t make mistakes. I am even practicing in this airport.

Jhol : But I thought you were playing a video game?!!

Sachin: See (Showing his iPad), I am honing my skills in Defend the Wicket, Most of our bowlers practice batting by playing this game.

Jhol: (Surprised) Does it really help?

Sachin: Yes it really does, take note of our most recent matches our teams tail have performed better than our top order. And there was someone back home who had commented “India’s best batsmen are the Bowlers”, so I am following a bowlers regime to safeguard my wicket.

Jhol: How do you rate MSD, captain of the team.

Sachin: He is cool, he so cool that he thinks he can win all the matches in last-minute. He is usually hungry when he lands up on the pitch eats away 20-30 balls, with this new-found cherry energy he takes on the bowlers.

Jhol: But is he successful all the time?

Sachin: Nope, 70% of the times we lose because he has eaten away lots of cherries and others don’t have enough cherries if he doesn’t click.

Jhol: What about performance of Shewag?

Sachin: He is very quick, he goes back to pavilion much faster than the delivery of Brett Lee.

Jhol: What about Gautam?

Sachin: He would be a very good fielding coach, he is good at practice catches and especially the ones at gully are lucky.

Jhol: How is Raina keeping up with this tour?

Sachin: He is learning a lot, especially how not to play in bouncy tracks, I would be happy to see him settled here rather than India. Atleast than he would be able to score of a bouncer.

It was fantastic that I found this pic, the one which I was thinking. Thanks to satish Acharya

Jhol: What about player rotations?

Sachin: MSD has thought about saving the Indian players from the gruelling schedules. And want them to perform in tough matches, Like in coming IPL

Jhol: How do you feel about Ponting being dropped  from Australian squad?

Sachin: I would request the Selectors of Australia to reconsider their decision, and also request them to handpick all the players who would play like Ponting.

Jhol: Why is that, was Ponting close to you?

Sahcin: Have seen the scores of Ponting in this ODI series, if all the 11 players have similar scores than Victory will be definitely ours, don’t you understand my plan. (Jhol is shocked with this fantastic plan)

Jhol: Are you planning to retire?

Sachin: I am very young, in fact younger than Rahul Gandhi, he is a youth Icon. And I can definitely play until Rahul is the youth icon of India.

Before Jhol could go further with his question, call for Sachin’s flight announced and he had to leave in a hurry, but promised to give some time for Jhol in future.

So here ends the edition of Bakwaas News, Jhol Pandey signing off.


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  1. The selectors recently announced the team for the World Cup in 2033. The opening pair is Sachin Tendulkar, 60 years old and Arjun Tendulkar, about 30. Arjun has announced his retirement and is playing his last ODI. Sachin, when asked about his hundredth hundred, said he expects to get it in the next match.

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