I can walk English!!

English is a phunny language and I can prove it (as though none proved it earlier). I was helping my nephew the other day (vacation school work), write some of the words its quite difficult for him. Here are some of the words that were given to him and this is what he wrote:

Word                                                                                      What my nephew wrote (My reaction)

Chimpanzee                                                                             Chimpanzee   (he got it right or did I pronounce incorrectly)

China                                                                                          Chaina (he knew spelling of “Chain” and added “a” to it, so china was right there)

Chicago                                                                                      Shikago (I was devastated, how could he be so wrong)

Psychology                                                                              Saikologi (I was stupefied now)

Enough                                                                                      Enuf (uff, I am tired)

Confusion                                                                                 Konfusion (Why this “K”)

Rough                                                                                        Ruff (Now Dennis is here)

Dairy                                                                                          Dieri (Death by ridicule)

Wonderful                                                                               Vanderful ( I am amazed)

Laughter                                                                                  Lafter (My stomach pains)

Cucumber                                                                               Kukamber (I have to cool off now)

I spent another half of the day trying to correct him, he was surprised by the amount of mistakes he did. But it isn’t his mistake its the common problem with English, and it increases if its second language for one.

When I was writting this, I rememebered a Bollywood movie had a funny sequence in it: “I can talk English, I can walk English, and I can laugh English because English is a very phunny language.”


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