Mom Change the Channel – III

From last few months I have been facing continuous torture of bearing the TV serials, Week days my mom who is hooked to TV and on Weekends its my sisters who watch them. That means I am the one who has to go through continuous head ache while I am at home. I had to watch some of this shit last week, due to my illness and issues with my lappy. I found a very interesting way to beat the torture, while I watched on episode, I gave a tag line to it. Here it is:

Bade Ache Lagthe Hain – Bade Bache Hain

Sasural Simar Ka – Par Pati Kaun Iska

Iss pyaar ko kya naam dhoon –  Sarr dard

Ruk Jaana Nahi – Wapas nahi aana

Pratigya – Dekhna nahi

Saathiya – Tumne kya kiya

Sasuraal Gendha Phool – Kaano Mein Lagao

Deeya Aur Baathi hum – Ladoo Wapas nahi karenge

Yeh rishta kya kehlatha hai – Jayez yaaa

Navya -Gayab ho ja

There are a few more, which I haven’t watched, but surely will update them soon.


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