iTribute to Steve Jobs: The Serpent who distributed Apple

Most of the people in the world believe that God created human’s in his own image, God first created Man and he didn’t want him to be alone and created woman. And he forbid them eating the fruit in the garden. But the serpent provoked them to eat it. The fruit was Apple, fruit of knowledge. They ate and this world is filled with 7 Billion+ Adams and Eves.

Technology was something similar, it was a restricted section to common people, which were supposed to enjoyed by Geeks, Scientists, astrologers, etc. But their emerged the serpent, who is famously known as Steve Jobs, who revolutionized technology to become part of household. I am definitely wrong in depicting or suggesting Jobs is to equivalent to Serpent, but both stood for one thing : Knowledge (I definitely know Jobs is real and Serpent is a myth).

Recently I read two books which were related to Apple & Steve Jobs and was impressed by the way he has grown from a fakir to a messiah of Technology. The main factor to Steve’s success was his brilliance in being a “Salesman”, the job requirement of a salesman is to sell the things that people want and as well to sell them which they don’t want. In first few years Jobs did both of these and was very successful. But his second innings with Apple was completely different, he sold Ideas to people, ideas which were never imagined earlier. His desire for simplicity and perfectionism is the reason why Apple grew from strength to strength and has become the Top company in the world.

Lets hope his child, Apple comes up with some innovative and game changing products in future. I wish Steve Jobs was here, but he isn’t, still we could celebrate his brilliance on his birthday: 24th February. Happy Birthday Steve Jobs!!!


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