Shit Indian Politicians Say!!

People know this but, I am re-wording some of them

1. India is a democratic country and everyone has right of speech

          – But Kanna not against me

2. One must follow Gandhian principles

         – Me or my aides are not included in the “one”

3. Development is our motto and will work hard for it

         – Self development

4. I would like to be “In-touch” with you all

         – Let me win, I will be “Untouchable”

5. Reservation is a must for development

         – Otherwise I will not get a chance to win in election

6. This Govt. is a big failure

         – They don’t know how to loot the country

7. I have a very good political background

          – Just take a look at my last name

8. We will remove corruption from this country

          – I meant only money from here to my account in swiss bank

9. We will bring back money from Swiss banks

          – I have searched a new safety haven

10. Look at the statistics we have achieved great numbers

          – These are from my nephew’s homework. (Oh! it’s actually grandson or granddaughter, its my bad)

11. Our country had a great growth story under our government

          – Wait!! I am making up something new!

12. We have to change India, than we must change  our state: pakistan!

          – Oye teri! I meant Gujarat, no no Delhi,  no no Indonesia, what the hell which state am I in. (Few days back a famous politico did this kind of blunder and consequence of this, he had to run away from the venue)

13. I wasn’t watching porn, it was a documentary

         – I was watching a documentary on sex education, planning to introduce the same in our schools.(This is what a “Triple-Ex-Ministers” will blabber)


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