Censorship, Its first required in Assembly

Everyone is aware of proverb “Langoor ke haath mein Angoor” or much local or Kannada proverb “Mangana kaili manikya” which means “Pearl in a Monkey’s hand”.

Its unbelivable that these retards, who are known as Politicians are trying to control whats said or done on Internet, when actually they themselves can’t control their own urges in front of public. WTF!

Lets try to look into things that these ministers do:

1. Abusive in public: Many ministers, who are with online censorship are actively induling in publicly using derogatory words, why are they using it when its derogatory. If a Coomon man uses similar or even lesser harsh words against them, than that person should bear the cane for a long time.

Why this Mayawati mayawati di!!


Many people would argue that, its very common in UP or in North India, than why do you call it as derogatory, its very commonly used no offense should be taken.

2. Fight inside the Assembly: When these a******s can’t follow law and order, and honor of Indian consititution inside the assembly where all these shitty laws were made, how could these guys expect general public to maintain the same when fighting against AH’s.

3. Bribes inside the Assembly / Govt. Offices: Everyone in India is aware how corruption, lobbying, unethical activities are thiriving with complete knowledge of Prime Minister, Home Minister, Law Minister, etc. Could these guys take up the cases which people have mentioned on the website Ipaidbribe.com before bringing any new laws. All these people are being forced to pay a bribe, because they didn’t have any alternative to get things working. Why the fuck I am telling this, our PM is bound by Alliance Dharma and would let all the voltures to feast on common man’s hard earned money.

Well forgot to mention the famous incident Vote for money case, bribe & lobbying both are same. Bribes are smaller amounts, lobbying involves larger amount in the form of donations, etc. could this or future govt. bring lobbying under the rules of bribe / corruption.

4. Controlling indecent activities:  Distributing or making of porn is illegal in India and is a punishable offense. But what would be the punishment for the people in public offices indulging in illegal sexual activites or watching porn while inside the assembly. This is what ND Tiwari and Lakshman Savadi did, what’s the punishment

We might discuss about all these wrong doings by these politicians, but they are never punished. But we have various instances when a common man is punished severly for minor offences. A web sit was banned by the Indian Government – Cartoonsagainstcorruption for telling things that are very commonly said by Cyrus, Nadeem, etc but why target a website of a common man, is it because he is not as strong as these media houses.

By banning or introducing censorship govts are moving towards China way of public oppression which is very dangerous in long run. By bringing censorship, a constitunal right of every indian is curtailed and that is Right to Speech.


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