Mom Change the Channel – II

Last year I had written about my moms addiction to the silly serials that come on all major GEC’s (General Entertainment Channel or Aka – Garbage Enhancement Chamber), this is a sequel to that. My moms addiction to all these serials seems to increase day by day, although all these channel churn out the same stuff, Saas, Bahu aur woh (woh is actually the hubby). Original Mom Change the Channel.

Common thing in all the tele serials is that the protagonists completely lack Love and Chemistry, what they have got in abundance is troubles and tears. One more thing that these serials definitely lack is good humor; they obviously don’t forget to add weird, expressions, silly jokes, etc to make it funny, they add certain epic background music to indicate its a joke to public, these guys also know people wouldn’t think it as a joke until this music pops up in background.

We have a very famous proverb – “Sex Sells”, well that’s limited to movies, in serials its “Sorrows Sells” and its definitely known to our great Lord Balaji and his favorite disciple (A Kapoor). What a whammy and business sense they have, they keep all the men in theaters and women in front of TV’s. I would like to see some sex coming up on our TV’s, but please don’t bring the sorrows onto big screens (well they don’t bring that, as it doesn’t sell). We have many shows which is meant to be a family programme but rope in Adult Stars and indirectly publicize them, than why not an Adult Programme. Govt. wouldn’t bother what happens on TV, they are busy planning and scheming ways to control Team Anna and Interneters.

Thanks to Victoria Levan

Lets discuss about acting skills, there are loads of stars with huge muscles, these muscles do more talking than their faces. And actresses, most of them understand “Acting = Skin Show”, or the roles they have is that is similar to a table or a chair, just have to make an appearance on screen, but only edge over these utensils is that these ladies get to dance and sing with the hero or his chelas. We have another breed of actresses will contribute only to naach, gaana in Item numbers, which doesn’t fit into the story line. Did I tell story line, well where do we have a story, most of these movies are frame to frame copies of the west or east or just go down south and you will definitely get the entire movie and copy and paste stuff.

Oh! I lost track here, If we compare acting skills, TV actors are much better than the movie counterparts, most of the stars on screen are stars because of their family backgrounds, remove their families than these so called stars would even have featured as supporting actors. Many self made actors have actually grown step by step they have a very good background in the form of Stage, later small screen and finally landed themselves on to Bollywood and Hollywood.

Bollywood box office collection of some movies are great but are these really hits, well I personally don’t think so. Let one producer or a movie house get their accounts audited by the external auditor (not the one’s they have hired, to fool the IT dept. and Govt.) . We have certain examples of them, Ra.One, Bodyguard, Ready, etc were they really hits,I really doubt the verdict given by the producers and actors.  For many years its known how Bollywood and Underworld has connections from bottom to top and how financing is done in movies.  I have never seen a bollywood movie giving out its balance sheet or P&L statements out to general public.

*Some pics are lifted from Google

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