Comedy of the day – Rs.1.6 Cr Vs Rs.1.6 lakh Cr

Today, 15/12/2011, Times of India (TOI) came up with an article stating that Anna Hazare was co-conspirator of a Land grabbing scam. I don’t know how such ridiculous articles could come out.

Fact 1. The National unit of Gandhi Smarak Samithi, transferred certain plots to the regional unit, Maharashtra Gandhi Smarak Samithi. (Its being stated that it was done in illegal way)
Fact 2. This transfer was done in the year 1977.
Fact 3. A part of the property was sold in the year 1999 for Rs.1.62 Cr
Fact 4. A case was filed in the year 2001. (A delay of 24 years)
Fact 5. The case was won by National unit, however the state unit replied back stating that the transfer was legitimate and as it was a subsidiary of the main.

Now, the reason why Anna hazare is a co-conspirator is that he was the member of the society. Well well, if that’s the case doesn’t we have to include Mr. Chidambaram and Mr. Man Mohan Singh as co-conspirators of 2G scam.

Here is the article from TOI (Read & Cry): Click Click


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