Jan Lokapl bill, will be RIPped this year!!!

The Great Indian Tamasha in Parliament continues, these parliamentarians are elected by people to represent them and to put accross things that are benefecial for the nation. But what happens really is just drama, dharna (Strikes), morcha, chari flingging, fist talk, etc.

Year 2011 has been the year of movements against the monarchy of the government’s rulling class. People from all walks of life were united and helped in changing the tide in the matters of governance, politics, corruption, etc. Each of these movements were for different reasons but the participants were the same, the people who had suffered at the hands of rulling class (Read it as politicians, Communist leaders, military leaders, etc)

In India, our very own Anti graft movement was a huge success, only to certain extent, people came out from the safety of their homes to the streets, to support one cause to remove corruption from all sectors of governance. The leader to this movement was Anna Hazare, with loads of assistance from Kiran Bedi, Mr. Kejriwal, etc and most importantly the common man or Aam Aadmi (Mango Man). This movement actually showed the real color of rulling class, they tried everything, from inflamatory and deflamatory comments, irresponsible sentences, foot-in-the-mouth comments, mid-night drives against peaceful people, etc.

Indian Government was and is hesitant in bringing a strong Lokpal bill which would have negative impact on income of these parties. The total amount of scandals which were unearthed in the year of 2010 & 2011 is more than Rs. 3.5 Lakh crores (A direct loss to exchequer), which is close to 40% of the Annual Receipts (Annual Budget) for the year 2010-2011.In all these cases, the beneficieries are always common, definately the rich and the famous. Corruption always benefits the rich and torments the poor, I think this part of the logic is not yet reallised by the so called PEOPLE’S POLITICIANS.

On 8th December 2011, Lokpal bill was introduced in the Parliament, but the people who were the main driving force (Anna Hazare & Associates and people) were not happy about it. The reason is simple, almost all the bills that come out always tend to be leniant on the political, corporate, government class, etc, but very strict and ruthless to the common public. Lokpal bill was introduced first in the year 1968 (43 years ago) and it had been re-introduced 7 times, and each time the bill was not passed, and everyone knows how parliament works, yes, similar to a fish market, where only people shout, but deal is never made, most of the times.

The way parliament has worked in past few years, it seems obvious that a strong Jan Lokpal Bill be put to rest, but a dummy, useless Lokpal bill will be introduced and passed to enhance the stats of the parliament.

Anna Hazare, and team has already decided and announced that they would start another movement, and fellow mango men be ready to fight against the corrupt and goonda political thugs. Lets be prepared for the foot-in-the-mouth statements by Diggi, Sibbu, etc….. and be entertained by these clowns of modern era.

If you have time and patience to read the draft of the standing committee, please click on the link provided below.

Here is the link: Final draft by Standing Committee

(Thanks to Aseem Trivedi’s cartoons, I appreciate his work and an avid follower. visit & support:  cartoons against corruption)


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