Cigu: The Dangerous one!!

Recently government of India increased the restriction on presence of cigarettes in movies and here is the reaction of famous trio, Cigu, Beeru and Guttu.

Cigu: I am fed up with Govt. of India, they have suggested that I can’t act in any movie/if I do than a warning “Smoking is injurious to health” is mandatory. But they haven’t put up any restriction on your (Beeru & Guttu) usage, this is Bull Shit!!

Beeru: What do you mean!, we are not as dangerous as you are. You are responsible for millions of death, cancer and what not!! It’s a good measure to impose restriction on you.

Guttu: Beeru, you are right!!, Cigu is too too dangerous. Do you know he is the main cause of lung, mouth cancers and Asthma and heart attack as well.

Now Cigu is furious

Cigu: Beeru! you are telling this to me. You are the main reason for many accidents and death of innocent people. You ruin the future of small children, as their father’s are addicted to you. You cause such public nu-sense and encourage people to beat up their spouse & kids and murders, etc.

Ah! I forgot, you are the main reason for liver cancer. You make people to lose control and consciousness. But I am the one who is targeted by the Govt.

Cigu continues and turns his focus on Guttu: Guttu, you are a bastard. You are the main reason for mouth cancer and not me. Have you ever visited a Govt. office or public place your stains are everywhere. You are the most disgusting thing ever produced. you are the most hated among rich and famous. But me and my brothers are liked and enjoyed by one and all. We are found in every nook and corner of the world.

Note: Cigu’s brothers are cigar, hookah, Beedi, etc.

Cigu, continues:

I generate close to Rs.10,000 crore in form of taxes to govt. and still they treat me in this way. These policies are rubbish, you guys (mentioning to Beeru and Guttu) should be treated in same way as me.

Beeru: I generate more money than you and I have many contacts in Govt. Be cool someone will fight for you.

Guttu: As you said (Cigu), I maintain low profile and I am the last one to fall in problems.

Cigu: Well Aamir Khan is fighting for me. If he is not successful than I wish he drags you guys down to accompany me.

Beeru & Guttu: Don’t worry bro, if he is successful or not, we all have same motto


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