British Raaj & UPA’s Goonda Raaj, similarities

A bunch of European sailors came to India for trade / business purpose and later they ventured into colonial activities and by year 1800 they had entire India under their control. It took more than 90 years for us, Indians, to get our freedom from foreign rulers. But things haven’t changed for the common man, he is in constant fight against poverty, suffering and rulers. Pre-independence its was Britishers, post-independence its against Politicians. If we compare the India then and now, we might not see much of changes. Lets compare British Raaj & UPA’s Goonda Raaj

British Raaj

Ruled by Viceroy’s in India, but he is controlled by Queen Elizabeth 1.
Family hierarchy and Royal family is the most benefited.
They came here for the purpose of trade, but late looted India of its precious wealth.
People were fed up with the Raaj and revolted against it.
Suppression and divide & Rule were the main weapons used against any revolt.
Gandhi was the man who stood against them.

UPA’s Goonda Raaj

Ruled by Man Mohan Singh, but controlled by Sonia Gandhi.
Gandhi (Actually it should be Nehru Family) is the beneficiary.
They won election with a motto to serve people, but they are looting India by means of Corruption.
Common Man is fed up with UPA’s Raaj and is revolting against it.
Same policies are being used now as well.
Anna Hazare, a Gandhian is the man behind the movement against corruption.

Well, Winter session of Parliament 2011 is on and the way its currently working it would be a surprise if Jan Lokpal Bill is discussed forget about being passed. We have elected these candidates to represent us in the parliament but their acts inside it looks like a fish market.

“Machi le lo Machi”
“Crab le lo Crap le lo”

At last it ends in crap.


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