WTF, Kasab is still not executed!!

On 26th Nov 2008, Mumbai was attacked and 166 people were killed by a group of heartless terrorists.  one of them was captured, Ajmal Kasab, cases were on and he was pronounced guilty but is still not executed and I am sure the way our judicial system works it will take at-least a decade or he would be freed by his terrorist friends. What would our retard Govt. will tell its citizens, go fuck yourself.

Thanks to Aseem Trivedi's Cartoons Against Corruption

I am really worried about one factor that is other terrorist trying to free up this bastard. India had to release 3 terrorist (Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, Omar Saeed Sheikh and Maulana Masood Azhar) in exchange of hijacked aircraft with 176 people in it. With delay in executing this guy for the crimes committed might turn into a great mistake.

Govt has spent more than Rs.100 crore (Both direct and indirect) to protect this terrorist. How much did govt. pay as compensation to the killed and injured’s family, just Rs. 13.75 crores. Here is the breakdown:

Killed Citizens: Rs. 500,000 (Rs. 6.6 Crores)
Killed Police & Army personnel : Rs. 2,500,000 (Rs.5 Crores)
Injured : Rs. 50,000 (Rs.1.75 Crores)

So my fellow citizens, govt thinks a terrorist and a criminal (many times they find themselves in this category) is more important than a tax paying citizen. What does these politicians and bureaucrats think, do they think this “India’s population is increasing day by day, terrorism is a best way to control population”.

I am sure, Kasab would be laughing at our judicial system, its a big Joke. I will tell you why, he is appealing in high court, supreme court and clemency from president. When all these things happen it will take a decade or more. When he committed these crimes he was cold blooded and why can’t govt. be cold blooded as well. Many times Govt. has been cold blooded against its tax paying citizens, (Does anyone remember how govt. treated Baba Ramdev & his supporters in Delhi, Killing of a farmer in Pune during a protest rally, etc,), why such a soft stance towards a terrorist?

Is it facing problem in executing, please hand him over to public they will ensure that he is well taken care of, remember they were the one’s who were most affected by him. I know it will not be done, so My only question, when will govt. execute kasab?


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