Best Free Antivirus Softwares / virus shields

We are reaching the end of 2011, and its common for everyone to look out for upgrades for 2012, be it looks, accessories, gadgets etc. One of the things every computer user (let it be desktop, laptop or netbook) tend to do is update Antivirus or buy a new one. Here are 3 free softwares which would help you in getting a basic but effective antivirus or virus shields.

1. Microsoft Safety Scanner:

You should check out Microsoft Safety Scanner. This is a free antivirus software, always updated with the latest definitions, and requires no installation – all you need to do is copy the program executable msert.exe to an infected computer and double-click that file. If it detects a problem, the infected files will be quarantined. This valid only for a period of 10 days and you have to re-download but each time you would be surprised to find this an updated version from the previous one.

This is mostly useful for the people who occasionally have to use a shared computer and doubt that its infected with viruses.

2. Avira Antivirus:

This is the best free antivirus any one could lay hands on, this is a basic version which doesn’t contain Anti-phishing or mail protection. Be assured that 90% of your internet based virus are dealt by this software. You could download this antivirus from Avira’s official website.

If you find this free antivirus useful then you could go for the full version by paying only Rs.550 or $11, which is loaded with Anti-phishing & Mail protection.

3. Deep Freeze:

This is not an anti-virus, It’s a “reboot-to-restore” application. This protects your system by preventing unwanted applications from sticking to your original configuration. Once installed, Deep freeze memorizes the original configuration and on each reboot system gets back. It’s a very very effective tool to protect your system from all kinds of virus and malware.

To install any new application, first you have to disable Deep Freeze, once installation is complete than re-activate Deep Freeze.

You can download free version of Deep Freeze from here.

I have been using Deep freeze and Avira, close to 2 years now and i haven’t faced even a single issue until now. Used Microsoft safety scanner very recently, when one of my friends was having issues with malware and Trojans, it works starts from the basic foundation of windows and that’s a huge plus when compared with other similar products. The best thing about all these applications are that they are very compact and would require a memory space of 150 MB only.


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