Kingmaker is more powerful than the King himself

Forbes has released the power-list for the year 2011, and this list provides an evidence to a known truth, that Sonia is more powerful than Manmohan Singh and he is just a puppy (can’t use harsh words for such a weak man) who nods the head for his madam’s commands.

This is what Forbes tells us:

Gandhi, 64, described as “India’s most powerful politician (who) has twice refused to serve as prime minister, delegating that job to Manmohan Singh”

Points to be corrected in the above statement:

– As Sonia is not of Indian Origin and holds also an Italian Passport, she can’t contest for the highest position in Indian Government. As proven by Mr. Swamy
– What if she can’t rule directly, she has a puppet known as MMS.

Joke on MMS

“A party was organised in Delhi for Mrs. Obama and every prominent politician from Congress were present. Mrs. Obama and Sonia Gandhi were discussing about everything under the sky. Mrs. Obama receives a message on her mobile. Its was an MMS from her friend.

Mrs. Obama: I have received an lovely MMS from my friend, would you like to see.
Sonia: Oh yes, why not.
They have a very good laugh
Sonia: Do you want to see my MMS.
Mrs. Obama: That would be lovely.
Sonia: MMS come here.
Mrs. Obama was shocked to see our Man Mohan Singh was standing in front of them with a wide jeer on his face.”

Manmohan Singh, 79, “the incorruptible Cambridge- and Oxford-educated economist (is) widely respected as the man behind India’s economic reforms, which have led to the subcontinent’s blistering growth over the last decade,”

Points to be corrected:

– His inclusion is a big mistake, he has agreed himself that he doesn’t have powers to control and he has to follow Coalition Dharma.
– Mr. Man Mohan Singh (MMS) is an Economist and holds degrees from Cambridge and Oxford. And the worst thing is that he didn’t understood the consequences of the scams or corruption that was going around and its impact in future. Or was he involved in all these things, as an economist you can’t be fooled when it comes to numbers, cost vs actual cost, inflation indexes, etc.

One thing is clear, that MMS is either Dumb or Acting as Dumb (Co-conspirator). Or is he a true Gandhi follower, and is following 3 Wise Monkeys, Don’t see evil, Don’t hear Evil, Don’t Speak Evil. Yeah you are a Gandhi follower, not MK Gandhi but Sonia Gandhi.

Whatever Forbes has done in this list, it has just shown that Kingmaker (Sonia) is more powerful than King (MMS).


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