Ra.One Review – 4/10

Ra.One, the most expensive Indian movie, was made with an expense of Rs.160 Crores ($40 Million). With a cast of Sharukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and others and Tom Wu he is the most important person you know. Crew are the crux of this movie, and it contained most amazing persons you could gather for a huge budget movie. Indian movie without songs and dance is incomplete, we had plenty of them. Background music was provided by Vishal and Shekar, and the main attraction was R&B Star “Akon”, who did a marvelous job in song “Chammak Challo” and other song “Criminal” was okay-dokay.

I watched this movie, today; 26th October 2011, movie starts with, wait a minute I have already forgotten. This is the impact of this movie’s beginning, you have Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka in the most ridiculous opening scene of a movie, to be short Me and my friends call it “Poor Jokes” or PJ’s. And you get them till the end in the form of boob grabbing, butt spank, Keys and Kiss confusion, Condom for Koncham, vulgorous usage of Tamil and this really insults a Tamilian, it’s a shame that SRK was okay with such cheap jokes. This Movie would have been great without any touch of comedy, we require situational comedy and not this kind of cheap trick.

Lets come to the story, Shekar (SRK) is a Gaming engineer and his wife is Sonia (Kareena) and they have a son Prateek (Aarmaan), who is geek gamer. Prateek is a cool dude and Shekar the opposite, now shekar tries to impress his son but fails miserably each time. And as per his son’s wish he works on a game and creates a game where the Villain is the most strongest and couldn’t be defeated. The Villain is Ra.One (doesn’t have a face and could change his appearance, remember something – Terminator) and the hero is G.one. Ra.one is almost defeated by Prateek and this makes him desperate for revenge and with his artificial intelligence and available resources in the organisation he comes out from game to the Real World and searches for Prateek. From this point onwards the real movie story starts, but journey till the end remains bumpy. Rating for concept is 8/10 (Tron’s next version) but for entire story rating would be 4/10 (And Direction remains same)

I am a huge fan of Science Fiction movies and also a student of visual effects and graphics, I was pretty impressed and my hearty congratulations to the entire crew in visual effects, sound effects and 3D conversions department. You guys rock and your rating is 9/10.

Next thing on the line is Acting, pretty good job from Armaan (the kid), you get 8/10 my friend, others were 5/10 and this includes even SRK’s rating as well. G.One’s robotic act was much similar to SRK’s act in “My name is Khan”.

Special appearance acts, everyone was forgettable. But Rajani sir got a standing ovation from the audience for his one minute act. Take rest sir, you have to act for many more years.

The movie could have been better if this was followed:

1. Story should have been precise, should have avoided comedy and gimmicks.
2. Tom Wu, you guys have completely wasted him, and I am happy that Jackie Chan didn’t agree to this movie.
3. Songs, should have been completely avoided they don’t have any meaning at all in this movie.

SRK, please hire me as an editor and I will promise you that i will make this movie more interesting and short. If you have a short and good movie you can sell it anywhere and trust me this movie has every good potential, songs and comedy has just ruined it. Please re-edit the movie and you can earn very handsomely with global audience.

Still, SRK Thanks a lot for this movie. You have shown that Bollywood can compete with Hollywood, as I said above, work on Story and Editing.


Story : 4/10 (Comedy killed it)
Acting : 5/10
Technology : 9/10
Music : 4/10 (Chammak Challo gets: 8/10 others below 2)
Over All movie Rating: 4/10



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