Ra.One, why this movie would be a …..!!

From last couple of days, each and every channel is showing ad’s of Ra.One and I am fed-up with it. I heard the songs in my neighborhood music store and surprised to see a song has been composed 5 times, ya the “Chammak Challo – Sung by Akon” and whoever brought the music cd is the biggest looser. It’s not even worth Rs.10 leave alone of paying Rs.160 on this.

Couple of days back i was very fortunate to watch the “Chammak Challo”, “Criminal” and I was short of throwing out. Choreographer definitely needs a slap or kick, what are those steps. SRK doesn’t look good, Akon would have been better in this video. (I don’t know why I hate these 2 songs, it might be because of Voice Suitability)

Looking at the kind of hype that’s being created around this movie, I have a feeling this movie might be a failure. If a movie is good, it doesn’t need too much of advertising, word of mouth is enough for publicity. Take for example most of the low budget movies which has vinay pathak’s, Abhay Deol’s, even SRK’s initial movies, were hits without much publicity. Story and acting are the 2 main crux of a movie, I hope these two things are in abundant in this movie.

Hero worship is another worst thing, whether movie is good or not, a bunch of fans would definitely watch the movie. In recent times certain movies and stars have used hype and hero-worship as driving factors and were successful, you can guess those movie names, even these crazy fans know it and crib that movie was utter waste.

30+ is the no. of companies which have partnered with this movie. If all the company logos are pasted on each part of SRK, then he wouldn’t be visible at all.

Here is the list of companies:

ESPN & Star Sports
Google+ & Youtube
Kingfisher Airlines
Western Union

One thing i forgot to mention, Promotional drives on TV programmes, this has taken toll on my moms favorite daily soaps (I had mentioned about my mom’s attachment to daily soaps), SRK has appeared on all the popular ones and this is just ridiculous to promote a movie, you are almost begging for screen presence. SRK you don’t need that, people know you and they will help you win, few things to remember is that have a good story and back-up that with good acting.

Coming to the story, I am guessing here, this looks like a mash up of Tron, Irobot, Terminator, Robot, etc.

This ends my ranting against Ra.One.

But some of these points are also big ++++++ of SRK, its not very common that 30+ companies are interested in your movie and invest in the promotions. Free publicity is on offer and also additonal earnings, some of these could be your potential clients in future. So its a Double benefit for SRK and a huge plus of the companies.

Lets talk about the crew who are working on this movie:

Nicola Pecorini – Director Photography
Martin Walsh – Editing
Resul Pookutty – Sound Designer
Prime Focus – 3D Conversion
Jeff Kleiser – Visual Effects
Robert Kurtzman – Wardrobe Designer (Ra.One & G.One)

And many more, these guys have worked on many global movies such as Avataar, Hulk, Stargate, Tron, etc.

Expectations are high and i hope movie is Good.

All the best SRK!!


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