My Favorite Book – Harry potter Series

My nephews Keerthan, 12 years and Goutham, 8 years came to my place last weekend and they would be stay with us for coming two weeks. They were excited as usual and my parents were more excited to recieve these two brats and mess our house a bit.

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a party, a small one at home. And wasnt able to log-in to my system for the whole weekend.Today, 11th I logged into my system and there came my nephews at the same time.

“We want to play games” asked Goutham.

“I have bit of work and will call you later, when I am done” I replied.

“Ok, can we stay here” it was Keerthan’s turn. Before I could answer, they jumped on the bed which was adjacent to my study desk and started staring at the monitor.

I logged into my account and in front of me was this week’s assignment: “My Favorite Book”. First thing that came to my mind was…. Leave it now, I will tell you guys about that later.

I asked this question to my nephew, Keerthan, and without hesitation he answered “Harry Potter, Akbar & Birbal, Tales of Tenali rama, “he would have continued, I blurted

“Why do you like it?” with raised eyebrows.

“I like it” he answered “they are good”.

I had read stories on Akbar & Birbal, Tenali Rama, during my childhood days and they were very small books and can understand it was quite possible, but harry potter caught me with bit of surprise.

“Have you read all the harry potter books” I knew it was 7 books and minimum of 2,500 pages to read.


“When?” I reacted.

“Last year, during my summer holidays”

“Did you read all those books, don’t lie to me?” I was about to frown thinking about the time required to read all those books.

“It took me two months to complete” Keerthan replied with a smile and he understood my dilemma. “It was easy, I was reading it during afternoon, and in night”.

Goutham was a mute spectator until now, he continued to play and watch simultaneously.

“Why did you read it?”

“I liked the movies and you were the one who was taking me to them”.

“I didn’t tell you to read that stupid book; movie is quite ok, 2 hours of entertainment and fun”. The above blame caught my nerves, but I cooled off and “Sorry, but I am really shocked you read those books, which are so big and I would never read a novel as lengthy as them. How was it?”

“It was fun, much different from the movies and mom helped me with reading them and it was good”.

I would have asked this question to Goutham, but answer from Keerthan was enough for me today.

“I still can’t believe you read them” I logged off from the website and ensured that I activated parental control.

“you can play games, I will go and see what’s cooking now”

I left the room without doing what I was supposed to do.

I leaned back from outside and asked my nephews “Do you guys want to go out for an Ice Cream Treat”

“Yeah, we will go to Oven Fresh” shouted Goutham “I want Gud-Bud Special”.

I came to common room, my sister was watching TV and I narrated “harry potter” conversation. She was laughing, “most of the kids in Keerthan’s class have read it and those books were passed on from their siblings and now these little tots are reading them”.

I didn’t have anything to speak now; I was just “Stupify”ied by my nephew.

Hmmm, let’s come to my favorite book now. I wasn’t a reader; I used to get bored or slept off, if I had a book in my hand. Only few years back, I developed interest in books, mostly related to finance, banking, management, motivational, etc. Many of these books are my favorites; but no clear favorite as I have picked up a lot of stuff from all of them.

I would honestly confess one thing; the book I hate the most is our school History books, they are just dates, who did what, when, where. But they never inspired, thought us value of life, happiness, right and wrong, etc. These books were just for the purpose of memorizing the dates and other stuff and vomiting out during our examinations.

I am happy for the fact that, my nephew has got the interest in reading books and hope he corrects me when I write a book 😉


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