Mom, Change the Channel!!!

“Is it 7’o Clock?” shouted my mom from kitchen.
“I am watching a movie and will end in 15 mins, you can watch later” I shouted back from the common room(I was watching the movie “Stealth”, yeah the movie in which a fighter aircraft operated by artificial intelligence program).

My mom came out of kitchen, wiping her wet hands. When I saw her face, it seemed like here eyes were locked on me. It seemed like the deadly plane had a locked a missile and was ready to pound me with one.
“It’s 7’o Clock and I have to watch a serial”, demanded my mom.
I am not the easiest guys to change the channel or to let go off the remote from my hands. As I said earlier about my mom’s eyes I had to obey her order, otherwise a missile would have been definitely be launched. I gave the remote to my mom with a slight disappointment, and it was quite visible on my face.
“This is the best Serial, Gopi is such a lovely lady and I hate Rashi” Started my mom (Serial that comes on one of Star Channel’s). In the mean time serial started, without any introductory song.(Most of the channels have now stopped introductory/title songs, which was a norm quite few years back)

I was away from home for quite a long period and wasn’t watching any TV programmes at all for close to 4 years, I decided to accompany Mom and watch this serial. I was totally unaware that the serial or that were to come for next 3 and half hours and top this list a reality show of an hour.

I really don’t know how many times, I requested my mom to change the channel, but she wouldn’t budge at all. All my efforts failed and I accepted defeat. As it usually happens to all the male characters in the Televised serials.

All the serials started with quite a bit of drama and was surprised to see some of the things or situations on all these shows had. And I am definitely sure that it will have these scenes in future (which i collated with help from my mom and sister, regular followers of daily soaps):

1. A person with multiple spouses.
2. Death of the main role, only to re-appear to see his/her spouse is re-married and the re-married spouse having confusion on arrival of earlier spouse.
3. Illegitimate child of the main role or supporting role
4. Dual role of the main character
5. Main character’s affair with the villain’s family member, etc, etc.

And I was also wondering why the television serials are called as Soaps, and my logical conclusion was simple -“We bath daily, hence we need Soap” (But i was not aware that we require so many Soaps to wash ourselves)

A few days back I heard the producer (she is some Kapoor) answering a question on inclusion of daily chores (Cooking, cleaning house, etc) in the Serials. Her answer was simple, we do it daily and characters also have to do it. OK Agreed, but I will also ask her not to include some of these

1. Dancing to movie songs (I was shocked to see one)
2. Going to the Toilet
3. Intimate scenes (If you do, Please show complete thing, as you are depicting the normal household)
4. Be realistic, don’t exaggerate everything. Beat down the costumes (I don’t see anyone wearing expensive and designer clothes all the time, even when they sleep)

And the last but not the least, please don’t make a serial inspired from West or Hollywood, you would completely ruin the concept and the story.

All my rambling is waste, as history has proved via Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, saansar, etc serials always gives a hard time to people (actually I meant Men and only men)



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