Death-Bed Politics

We hear each day that “India is the Nation of the Youth”, “Youth are the future”, blah blah from all the politicians wielding a mike and dancing on the stage with their funny gestures and movements. But most of these gays (Sorry for the mistake, i didn’t mean they are homosexuals or cows) guys have loads of gray hairs and advise us to take charge of the nation. But when one actually does, they come back with “No Experience in Politics”, “No family history”, “Not a minority, Dalit, backward class” and most importantly “He is a kid”, when actually the person is with in 30.

Now, I wonder what does the word youth mean, 30+ and till you die is the youth or less than 30 is youth or is it the state of the mind you call it as youth. (if you look into dictionary, youth means a person of a young age, inexperienced, etc) Whatever this term mean, I don’t care, but one thing I don’t want is any person more than 60 years to be my political leader. I am not saying that i don’t want a aged person to be my mentor, philosopher, guide, etc what i think is that a person after certain age shouldn’t have any official post.

We have 10+ candidates who are aged more than 80+ and 100+ who are aged more than 60. And many are almost logged to their death-beds. A few years ago, a politician contested elections while he was in a hospital bed and he was in an ICU. He won the elections and a few hours later he died. Total expenditure for the election for that constituency was more than Rs.50crore+ and as he died the election was re-conducted.

Few simple questions to our aged or Senior politicians:

1. Can’t you be a guide to the young, rather than contesting elections yourself.
2. You make rules for retirement in public sector, even judicial retirements, why can’t you do it in politics as well.
3. Please define youth in terms of age, as you do it for everything else
4. Why do you contest elections, when you know you don’t have control over your own body?


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