Do I have to be silly to appear in Freshly pressedddddd

I log in to WordPress once or twice a week, and soon I find WordPress throwing out some blog articles as freshly pressed. I had always wondered how does one’s article come-up in freshly pressed? What are the parameters? Who chooses these articles to come-up in freshly pressed (Is there a panel)? What does this article mean to the person (Writing the article) and others (Readers)?

Sometimes I thought the articles are just silly and doesn’t have any point in them. It took me about 2 months (PN: I am an occasional visitor to WP) to understand that only way to be on FP when you follow this recommendations:

1. Subject (doesn’t matter whether its serious or not)
2. Your thoughts, Clarity in thinking
3. Word Art (putting your thoughts in black and white or any other color of your choice, remember WP has color options)
4. Last but not the least: Pray to god that you are on FP, your prayers might be heard although by mistake


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  1. I don’t think there is any team sitting and doing this. Probably a computer programming is behind this. If you manage to catch hold of the guy who wrote this you can be there always. It is another matter whether any body will read it or not.

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