Why should Indian Politics need Change?

Indian politics is deteriorated a lot and the most essential term that should be used is Change or Reform.

Indian politics need great reforms in certain matters:

1.Retirement age from Active politics (Contesting elections, positions in parties, offices, etc)
2. Only 1 from a family can contest an Election or no hierarchical sharing of a constituency.
3. Minimum education qualification of graduation or post graduation. (In all the major organizations MBA or management degree is a must to qualify for higher positions, why not in politics).
4. Quarterly audits and appraisal cycle, this to be conducted by President, CAG, Election Commission, Lokpal (If Lokpal bill gets passed in parliament)
5. No Dummy President/ Quizzy President, give them some work, they are not poster boys or models. They should have certain responsibility and control. (Abdul Kalam was the only President who looked to have authority over the government and he was visionary, but others are Dummy, my nephew doesn’t even know who is Prathiba Patil. Most of these presidents are useful only during quizzes)
6. If a person has spent or convicted for 2 or more years in jail, either for criminal or  civil offence than ineligible for contesting elections.
7. Removal of caste reservation in elections, only governance should be the major factor for contesting elections.
8. Project allotment should be based on the performance and needs. (Ex: Kerala contributes to budget Rs. 80 and Assam contributes Rs.20 and government has to ensure that Kerala receives a minimum of 60% of the spending, as it is contributing to a greater extent).
9. Projects shouldn’t be named after any person who was associated with any political party, in present or in past. (Reason: Innumerable projects are named in Gandhi & Nehru who were belonging to Congress and their names are used in the political campaigns, development requires neutrality and should be dedicated to people not an individual).

10. Last but most important is abolition to Multi party system and we should have only a maximum of 5 parties and debate should be conducted to select the candidates from each party for each constituency.

Development is the need of the hour, what we require is strength of the youth, mind of the youth and guidance from the old. All the development should be for youths and by youths. Because youths are future of the nation and Old are history of the nation.


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