Age limits for Active Politics in India

Humans are always bound by rules and regulations, some are personal, family, demo-graphical, constitutional etc. Constitutional rules are the one which helps in smooth governance of a nation. Constitutional rules are various and one of the major, but confusing rule is Age Limits. We have various minimum age limits, they vary from voting, driving, alcohol consumption, marriage, sexual, etc. Similarly we have some maximum limits for joining government jobs, armed forces, retirement age etc.

Retirement age limit in all government offices is specified as 60 – 65 years (It varies based on departments), Reason for retirement limit is simple, a person becomes uncompetitive to hold office due to his age related ailments and need for nurturing the younger generation.

This is good, but this retirement limit is missing in one area. That is in Politics, we have a minimum age for a contestant to fight election as 25 years, but don’t have any maximum limits. and

Lets take into account age factor of MP’s (Member of Parliament)

1. Average age of MP’s is 54.8 years.
2. 16% are above 65 (87 members out of 545) and only 6% are below 35 (33 members)
3. Less than 5 are below 30. (3 candidates from congress)
4. MP’s more than 80 are 10+ and oldest is 90 years old.

Why is this disparity, most of the old politicians find it difficult to walk by themselves and need support to do their daily chores, how could these guys guide India to a better future. All these old (Budda) politicians might argue, “They are young at Heart”, my foot. We have seen many instances that old people have contested elections from their death beds due to long term ailments can we guarantee a better future from these corpses. Can’t these people guide the youth, I actually mean not their family members (Sons, Daughters, Sil’s, Dil’s, nephew’s, etc) but a capable young leader.

Majority of Indians are in the age group of 30 – 18 and we have only 5 candidates to represent this category of citizens. And whenever a young citizen contests for elections most of the people don’t support them, they consider him as kid in politics. Why this attitude towards youth? Don’t we have any ideologies? Can’t these people guide the youth rather than discouraging them? Are we fit only to study for exams and score good marks and go to college?

Development is the need of the hour, what we require is strength of the youth, mind of the youth and guidance from the old. All the development should be for youths and by youths.

Old are the past and Youths are future of the nation.


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