Relevance of Three Wise Monkeys in 21st Century and beyond

One of Mahatma Gandhi’s prized possession was three monkeys, presented to him by a Chinese representative. Each of these three monkeys represented one quality; “See no Evil”(Bura na Dheko), “Hear no Evil”(Bura na Suno) and “Speak no Evil” (Bura na Bolo).

Origin of “Three Wise Monkeys” is unknown, Some argue it’s from China or Japan or India etc.

Three wise monkeys is a great concept, but in current times and comparing with changing human nature, the relevance of this concept doesn’t hold good anymore. Basic flaw in this concept is “Wise men” being advised to ignore Evil and letting it (Evil) to thrive. This concept is motivating people to be cowards, evasive and irresponsible rather than being other wise.

The more relevant concept would be “Think no Evil” (Bura na Socho), “Do no Evil” (Bura na Karo) and “Tolerate no Evil” (Bura na Saho), in this concept a person is being guided not to think bad, not to do any bad and not to tolerate bad.

Lets go in brief about new concept:

Think no Evil: The basic factor in a humans life is the way he thinks, this is the area where people should be advised and trained not to think evil against himself and as well as others.

Do no Evil: Execution or to do or to perform a task, if a person feels that this going to be bad for himself and others than he should refrain from doing that.

Tolerate no Evil: Last and the most important this is not to tolerate Evil, if anyone sees any violations in other two concepts than its time to raise voice against that.

Its left to you, what do you think which is better:

1. “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil” (Bura na Dheko, Bura na Suno, Bura na bolo)   or
2. “Think no Evil, Do no Evil, Tolerate no Evil” (Bura na Socho, Bura na Karo, Bura na Saho)


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