Guide to Copyright free images

Many a times we try to search for pics from the internet which are relevant to our needs, it might be for a blog post, business requirement, etc. Almost every time we wonder whether the image is subject to copyrights (usage rights) and whether we could use it for non-commercial or commercial purpose.

Google Images has an advanced search option which enables people to search for copyright free images, please follow the 3 steps given below to use this option:

1. Google Images search via “Advanced Search”:

  • Log into
  • Scroll over to  “Settings” Serachsettings option on right hand side of the page
  • Click on “Advanced Search”
advanced search settings

advanced search settings

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Problems of being an Insomniac

I can’t  sleep beyond three hours in a day, and it seems really odd for many who think I am some sort of a freak who  can keep an eye out for them, always.


Its amazing how people, especially  during my first few interactions with them, they don’t even know what’s my problem and still sympathize my condition. Don’t sympathize my condition I am totally healthy, and normal and not disabled (shit, oops I have to be politically correct as well ) differently able. Only thing different is I sleep less, a lot lesser than you, less  than 50% of what you do. Continue reading a unique search engine

Search engine world is filled with Google, Bing, Facebook search, etc. In this highly competitive world, entry for a new search engine is difficult, has entered this world with a bang, steadily increasing the number users and searches, recently it crossed 5 million searches per day, yep 5 million per day. What’s the reason for this kind of surge and what’s unique about this search engine, they are listed below:


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Can Google fix elections?

I read an article in a leading news website (its sort of a tabloid these days), which were based on a study by Dr. Robert Epstein & his team, he is Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioural Research and Technology in California. The project was based on Search Engine Manipulation Effect, with the acronym SEME.

In the research study a group of undecided participants (1800 voters) were divided into groups in which search rankings were biased towards Arvind  Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi based on which group they were in. All these participants were asked to search for the candidates in a normal way, with only a difference of results appearance based on the groups assigned.

The results, the voting preferences favorably shifted by an average of 12.5 percent towards the candidates (Kejriwal, Gandhi / Modi) groups they were assigned. And this shift was hugely shifted in the categories of unemployed voters (18 percent) and women voters over 35 years (19 percent). And detection rate of this biased by the participants was just 1 percent. Continue reading

A request to Narendra Modi!

I am fed up with the elections campaign happening around the country, and how its been fed by the so called news channels. Its really disgusting how these  politicians are still clinging to the old British way of divide and rule. I am surprised by how we common men still fall for these hate speeches, illogical secularism, dirty schemes,  etc.


The voting has ended yesterday, and as per the exit polls conducted by various channels BJP & co. would get majority and the government would be formed under leadership of Narendra Modi. Here is the list of things a common man would expect from Modi Government: Continue reading

Kochadaiiyaan will it be a flop or a …..?

The most awaited movie of 2014 is “Kochadaiiyaan”, and the buzz is that its a great movie. Yesterday, I had a chance to have a look at the trailer of the movie and its was good but not great. The animation, graphics and the sequences were mediocre for a movie of such huge budget. It would be funny to watch Rajini’s antics in animation (as though his original self isn’t comical).


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